Baptiste Reunion Challenge

Players can earn a new Baptiste skin and other collectables in the Baptiste Reunion Challenge. Between now and Monday, July 1, players are able to earn an exclusive Baptiste skin by winning 9 games in Quick Play, Competitive, or Arcade modes. At 3 wins players will get a special Player Icon, and at 6, two sprays will unlock for Baptiste.

Anyone who watches streamers from this page until July 1 will also be able to earn extra Baptiste sprays by watching 2, 4, and 6 cumulative hours.

This campaign is very similar to the earlier D.Va Nano Cola and Ana Bastet challenges to any players who were around for those.

A short story starring Baptiste came out as the namesake of this mini-event: “What You Left Behind”. It Taking place a few days after Winston activated the Overwatch Recall, “former” Talon agent Baptiste is called back into duty himself.

Replay and Balance Patch

This week’s patch brought the new replay system, as well as a handful of balance changes and a change to 2cp.

Replay System

The replay system allows players to rewatch their 10 previous games as a spectator, watching the action from any angle, such as from any player’s point of view, or as a freecam that floats anywhere on the map. Gameplay may also be sped up, slowed down, or even paused. To access replays, go to your Career Profile in-game and click the Replays tab at the top.

Saves cannot be shared or saved at this point, but that may change in the future. One of the hangups is that the replay system cannot handle games that are from an old patch, so sharing and saving would only be possible for so long if they allowed it now. Also think about how long saving a 25 second highlight takes, now expand that to 15-20 minutes.


Hero Changes

The patch also has changes for 6 heroes and bug fixes for two more.

Bapsite gets more healing ammo, D.Va’s Defense Matrix has a shorter range and new graphic, McCree’s gun shoots faster, Orisa may cast her shield while reloading, players may use Symmetra’s Teleporter from slightly further away, and Torbjorn’s alternate fire had its damage reduced. McCree’s change sure has made him popular lately.

A bug was fixed so that armor from Brigitte’s Rally is blocked by enemy barriers as intended, and Sombra’s Translocator now correctly removes harmful status effects such as Ana’s Biotic Grenade and Mei’s freeze.

Read the full patch notes here

Assault (2cp) Changes

Assault mode has been tweaked so that on average, keyword average, these games are shorter and force fewer draws. When defenders lose Point A, if they die on that objective, their respawn timer is momentarily shortened to help set up a defense on Point B. Attackers are also now only given 3 extra minutes instead of 4 to attack Point B once they capture A.



  • A Jjonak-themed 2018 All-Star skin for Zenyatta is coming to Overwatch soon and will cost OWL tokens to purchase. No word on the exact cost as of this writing, and we don’t know exactly what it looks like but it’s said to have octopuses instead of orbs around Zenyatta.

  • The PUBG National Cup branding looks very similar to the Overwatch World Cup.

  • OWL trading cards are on sale from Upper Deck. They cost $4 (US) for physical cards, and digital cards are also an option.

  • Pre-orders for the official Overwatch Cookbook are available on Amazon. The book is slated for release on October 1.