Overwatch League Resumes

Stage 3 of the Overwatch League picked up last night beginning with Stage 2 Champions, the San Francisco Shock, against the Atlanta Reign. That match was definitely a highlight so be sure to check it out if you can.

The opening night was also when new, alternate design jerseys for 15 of the 20 teams were revealed. This special “Third Kit” collection has stylized jerseys that are meant to have special meaning or inspirations, and also just look cool. The inspirations are on the OWL page and my favorite designs are the Florida Mayhem and Hangzhou Spark jerseys.

spark.jpg Photo credit: Overwatch League.

The jerseys are available on the Overwatch League stores (NA) (EU), but there are some things to be aware of:

  • these are temporary for Stage 3 and are “while supplies last”
  • only 15 teams have alternate jerseys
  • there are no blank or custom name versions of the jerseys
  • the EU store has a limited set compared to the NA store

The launch of the new product wasn’t without its troubles as well, as the EU store had “Birding” listed for London instead of “Birdring.” The NA store may have as well, but was taken down before I could check.


Final Anniversary Weekend Means Double XP

This weekend is the last weekend of the Overwatch Anniversary, celebrating its third year. That means it’s your last chance to grab new skins such as Pharah’s Orbital skin and D.Va’s Academy skin, until next year. It’s also the last opportunity to grab any skin from previous events until that event comes around again.

The official end date is Monday, June 10, but game events often last until about 11am Pacific (18:00 UTC). That said, it’s safer to assume Monday is the end so nothing is missed. In other words, appreciate if it happens, but don’t assume it will.

Starting yesterday, double XP has been activated, allowing players to grind out loot boxes or hit level 25 on new accounts even faster. Double XP is said to last until June 10 as well, but maybe the same thing as with the loot box timing will apply here, too.

Overwatch 2?

Sources have told Kotaku that Blizzard recently informed employees that they have cancelled a Starcraft first-person shooter in order to focus more on the Diablo and Overwatch franchises.

This is not an official confirmation from Blizzard since it is leaked information, but it has long been suspected that there were more games coming out that take place in the Overwatch universe with how popular the PvE modes such as Junkenstein’s Revenge are.

Social media has been calling it Overwatch 2, but in all likelihood it is another game in the series, and not a replacement for Overwatch itself.

It’s suspected we’ll officially hear about the game at BlizzCon this year.

OWL Grand Finals Tickets

Tickets for the Overwatch League Grand Finals in Philadelphia went on sale today. Prices start at $49 (USD) and the Grand Finals take place on Sunday, September 29. Various upgrades allow attendees to use a special entrance, swag, and a player Meet & Greet.


Atlantic Showdown Concludes

The Contenders Atlantic Showdown in Krefield, Germany wrapped up last Sunday with Fusion University taking home the top prize. A North American victory in the Atlantic Showdown means that for the Contenders Gauntlet tournament series in October, North America gets 4 invites, Europe gets 1, and South America is out.

To recap from the Pacific Showdown, Korea earned 3 invites, the Pacific and China each have 1, and Australia is out.

A single team’s performance in the Showdowns do not guarantee them a spot in the Gauntlet, only invites for their region. Performance in Contenders Season 2 determines if teams will participate or not.

Fusion University Switches Regions

After winning the Atlantic Showdown, Fusion University announced that they were switching regions, and moving to compete in Korean Contenders Trials. Tucker Roberts, President of the Fusion franchise, said that FU isn’t about only finding the best North American players to play for the Philadelphia Fusion, but about finding the best players in the whole world.

Roberts also added as a little jab to other NA teams, that the 4-time Contenders champions are looking for a challenge and it’s time for someone else to win in North America for once.

The move has already been plagued with problems, as flight delays have caused Fusion University to miss the beginning of Korea’s Contenders Trials, and Blizzard has moved matches to accommodate. Teams have been unhappy with the sudden schedule changes, but Blizzard says they are within the rules. (source in Korean) (source in English)

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Cover photo by Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment.