With half of Season 2 now behind them, many teams are making changes to their rosters in hopes that fresh blood will bring them new success. In most cases, the teams that made changes are those who have struggled in Season 2 up to this point.

Below are the player, coach, and manager changes that occurred between the final few days of Stage 2 up until now.

(T) = Tank; (F) = Flex; (D) = DPS; (S) = Support

Atlanta Reign

  • No changes.

Boston Uprising

  • No changes.

Chengdu Hunters

  • No changes.

Dallas Fuel

  • Trill (T) from Team Envy.

Florida Mayhem

  • Fate (T) from LA Valiant.
  • McGravy (F) to LA Valiant.
  • Byrem (S) from NRG Esports.
  • Apply (D) released.
  • TViQ (D) released.
  • SNT (T) released.

Guangzhou Charge

  • No changes.

Hangzhou Spark

  • No changes.

Houston Outlaws

  • No changes.

London Spitfire

  • Quartermain (S) picked up.

Los Angeles Gladiators

  • Bischu (F) available to play again after helping Gladiators Legion during Stage 2 while recovering from illness.

Los Angeles Valiant

  • Dongsu (Assistant Coach) released.
  • McGravy (F) from Florida Mayhem.
  • Fate (T) to Florida Mayhem.
  • FCTFCTN (T) from Mayhem Academy.
  • Shax (D) from Mayhem Academy.


  • No changes.

Paris Eternal

  • lizlin (Team Manager) resigned at end of Stage 2.
  • Albless picked up as Team Manager.

Philadelphia Fusion

  • No changes.

San Francisco Shock

  • No changes.

Seoul Dynasty

  • No changes.

Shanghai Dragons

  • No changes.

Toronto Defiant

  • Gods (F) from Montreal Rebellion.
  • sharyk (T) from Montreal Rebellion.
  • Asher (D) retired.

Vancouver Titans

  • No changes.

Washington Justice

  • Kate (Assistant General Manager) resigned.
  • PRE (Coach) took over as Assistant General Manager.

Cover photo by Ben Pursell for Blizzard Entertainment