Blizzard Pride Pin

If you’ve been to BlizzCon, chances are you’ve seen some Blizzard employees walking around with a pride pin, but there hasn’t been a way for most others to get one. Starting today the pins are available on the Blizzard Gear Store for US$15 each, and through July 31, all proceeds will go to help The Trevor Project, an organization dedicated to crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ+ youth.


GOATS Anniversary

May 27 marked the one year anniversary of the team GOATS winning Season 2 of the 2018 Open Division. This is where their three tank, three support team composition gained fame and its name. The success of the comp gained traction all summer, and saw some of the first professional play by the World Cup. It now sees heavy use in Season 2 of the Overwatch League.

The prevalence of the GOATS comp has disappointed many, saying that it’s not fun to watch, and others feel it’s forced teams to work together more.

Blizzard has tried a few times to weaken GOATS, with some success, but it’s still a dominant force. Teams have put their own variations as well and have added heroes such as Sombra or Mei into the mix.

Thanks to Lutional for reminding us of that moment on Twitter.

Overwatch League

The Overwatch League resumes play next Thursday, June 6 at its normal time, with the San Francisco Shock fighting the Atlanta Reign. Stay tuned early next week to Overbuff for a piece on team changes since Stage 2.

As of this writing we haven’t heard anything new on the Overwatch League Viewer that Jeff Kaplan said last week would be coming, but expect news on that soon. The Viewer is said to allow PC users to watch a replay of the games in-game “soon after” it airs.

OWL Commissioner Leaves for Fortnite

Nate Nanzer, the Commissioner for the Overwatch League, announced late last week that he is leaving the OWL for a new opportunity. While Nanzer himself didn’t say what that opportunity was at the time, Epic Games later confirmed they hired him to help build up competitive Fortnite.

Replacing Nanzer will be Pete Vlastelica CEO of Activision Blizzard Esports Leagues, the division of Activision Blizzard who runs both the Overwatch League and Call of Duty World League.

The departure of the Commissioner has some fans worried about the future of the Overwatch League, but I don’t feel there’s much to be concerned with. Nanzer helped the League start up, get its footing, and worked towards profitability, something it needs if it wants to survive.. He also helped prepare the OWL for what’s to come, especially Season 3 and its home and away games.

nanzer.jpg OWL Media Day - Jan 9, 2018

Overwatch Contenders

Contenders Showdown

The Contenders Showdown series is an invitational tournament where the top teams in each division of a Contenders region face off against each other. Split into Pacific and Atlantic divisions, teams are fighting over invites for their region to the Contenders Gauntlet later this year. The Top 5 teams from each division at the end of Contenders Season 2 will get an invite, and a single team’s success in the Showdown does not mean they will be in the Gauntlet, only that their region, depending on how they do in the Showdown, has more or fewer invites.

The winning region gains one invite, and the bottom two teams lose an invite. Third and fourth place have no changes to their numbers of invites.

Pacific Showdown

For the Pacific Showdown that took place last weekend in Shanghai, their invites were as follows:

  • Top 1 Australia Season 1
  • Top 2 China Season 1
  • Top 2 Korea Season 1
  • Top 1 Pacific Season 1

The weekend ended with the two invited Korean teams, Element Mystic and O2 Blast in the finals, and Element Mystic taking the win.

Since a Korean team won, Korea now gets to invite a third team to the Gauntlet, taken from the Top 3 teams at the end of Contenders Season 2. For coming in 5th and 6th, both China and Australia lost one invite. Now the Pacific Division invites for the Gauntlet look like this:

  • Top 1 China Season 2
  • Top 3 Korea Season 2
  • Top 1 Pacific Season 2

Note that Australia has been knocked out of the running.

Atlantic Showdown

The Atlantic Showdown is taking place in Krefield, Germany this weekend. Watch it on the Contenders Twitch page.


World Cup

Voting for the regional World Cup Community Leads and General Managers has begun! Go to the World Cup to cast your vote if your region qualified for competition.


A few more Workshop modes caught my notice this past week.

McCree’s Hot Potato

The team I play on has been having a lot of fun with this one as a light-hearted warm-up before our team practice.

Set in a confined space, one player starts on fire (hot potato), losing HP until they’re able to shoot another player. Play goes on like this until there’s only one player left for the round.

Each player also gets a super jump that charges slowly, and upon using it, anyone you shoot from the air while you have the potato grants you extra ultimate charge. The ultimate is temporary immunity to the potato, and gives the potato to someone else if you happen to have it when you ult.

I missed that the mode had been updated and our team was using an OLD VERSION (“5AXWD”). Since that code, the newest version of the game restores HP back to players if they pass the potato while low on health.

NEWEST VERSION (May 31, 2019): M5DDB

McCree’s Hot Potato by KevlaR on ELO Hell Esports.

Aerial Aim Trainer


Have trouble hitting enemies in the air that are moving on predictable trajectories? The Aerial Aim Trainer that allows you to practice hitting airborne heroes from any distance away.

Once the code has been loaded into the lobby, add a bunch of bots to the red team before starting. The rest is self-explanatory once you begin, but if you want to switch heroes to practice your aim with, unless I missed something, you have to run back to the spawn room to change.

NEWEST VERSION (May 31, 2019): P3PZC

Aerial Aim Trainer by Giacomand on ELO Hell Esports.