Stage 2 Finals

The Stage 2 finals are complete and the San Francisco Shock are the Stage 2 champions, defeating the Vancouver Titans 4-2. All six games are definitely worth watching, but if you only watch one, check out the final map on Blizzard World. In Round 2 it looked like the Shock may have been able to full hold the Titans on Point A but finally fell with about a minute to go. Moving over to Point B, San Francisco were able to stop Vancouver while being down 5 ultimates going into the final team fight, a fight that lasted over a minute.

Last week I predicted the Titans to take it, but sadly I was wrong. This was the first loss for the Titans in almost a year, going back into their days as RunAway.

2019-AllStarsD1-190320-Malik Forté-Robert Paul.jpg Photo by Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment.

All-Stars Games

With Stage 2 over, that meant it was time for the All-Stars Games. The exhibition matches were a blast and it was fun to see the players and talent having a different kind of fun in their jobs. From EMOnte to Semmler flexing on everyone, from Bren admitting he has a pea-sized brain after losing to Gesture in a Widowmaker duel, to Soe’s analysis of where Bren went wrong in going against Gesture, it was a great time.

The arcade mode fights are fun but if I’m honest, for me my favorite parts are the talent events and their over the top, ridiculous trash talk. The Widowmaker 1v1s is also great, and this year Diem from the Dragons defeated Nenne from NYXL in the finals.

Don’t forget that you have until early next week to buy the Mercy and Lucio All-Stars skins for 200 OWL Tokens each.

World Cup Endorsements

If you think you have what it takes to be the General Manager, Coach, or Community Lead for your country in the World Cup, registration and getting endorsements for the position are open until May 23. Head over to the World Cup site to do both.

  • General Manager - The main organizer for the team and the primary communicator with Blizzard.
  • Coach - Responsible for leading the player tryout process, practice schedules, and on-site coaching.
  • Community Lead - Primary social media manager for the team.

KarQ gave his insight into what goes into being a Community Lead after his experience last year for Team Canada.

Geguri a Next Generation Leader

TIME magazine named Geguri of the Shanghai Dragons in its series called Next Generation Leader. While her story isn’t new to her fans, it’s great to see TIME cover her and share her story with a new set of readers.

In the piece TIME mentions that she has been reluctant to embrace the role of trailblazer, but that she’s also increasingly aware she has a role to play in esports as the only woman in the league.



I found a few more neat things being created for the Workshop on the PTR.

  • 3D Aim Practice that allows the player to practice their aim in-game, and gives them a number of customization options for their target. Thread - Code RJ6X3

  • Overwatch Golf uses Hammond as a ball on a minigolf course. Don’t hit the ball too hard at the “hole” or it won’t count. Thread - Code AN3CN

  • Flappy Bird is in Overwatch now and you control Pharah as she takes to the skies to avoid dangers in the air. While the game speeds up eventually, it is pretty slow to start in its current form. I was able to get this amazing Play of the Game on my first attempt at the game and it is very much totally worth watching. Totally. Thread - Code 4QY7N

2019-AllStarsD1-170659-upper deck trading cards-Robert Paul.jpg Photo by Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment.


  • Sign-up to possibly win your own Pine air freshener!
  • Missing his high school graduation to play, Zachareee walked out during a recent game in graduation robes.
  • Beginning June 19, you can collect official OWL trading cards.