The Havana map has been released into the world. The new escort map is almost identical to the Storm Rising event version of the map, but with minor changes made to compliment competitive play, such as new pathways and doors, and more objects added to block line of sight in many areas.

The new map will likely appear in competitive play in about a week and a half, around May 21.



GOATS Thesis

ioStux, former coach for XL2 Academy, Toronto Esports, and mostly recently Uprising Academy, has released a thesis on the GOATS composition. The thesis is his attempt to give readers a better understanding of the GOATS comp, and discusses such topics around it such as communication, engaging the enemy, use of abilities, positioning, and ultimate usage. It’s a longer read, but if you’re either a part of a team that wants to excel at the strategy, or if you want to understand some of the finger details about what’s going on when you’re watching the Overwatch League, definitely check it out.

Stage 2 Playoffs and Finals

The OWL Stage 2 playoffs are underway.

As of this writing, the Hangzhou Spark defeated London Spitfire and San Francisco Shock beat out the Shanghai Dragons on the first night. Coming up next will be NYXL vs. LA Gladiators and Dallas Fuel vs. Vancouver Titans.

If I were a betting lady, I’d put my money on Titans vs. Shock in the finals, with Titans taking it all.

Oh, and of course London C9’d on the very first map of their series against the Spark.

playoff bracket.PNG

Overwatch Contenders

It’s the final weekend for the first season of 2019 Contenders. Many regions of wrapped up already, but there are still two to go. This weekend both Korea and China will play their finals, so check out Overwatch for the schedule.

The winners for other regions this season were:

  • Australia: ORDER
  • Europe: Angry Titans
  • North America East: Fusion University
  • North America West: Team Envy
  • Pacific: Talon Esports
  • South America: Lowkey Esports

All-Stars Games

The Overwatch League All-Stars Games are coming up next week on Wednesday and Thursday. The games are a series of exhibition matches between many of the top players in the League as they represent either the Atlantic of Pacific divisions. Such matches include 1v1 Widowmaker duels, and custom game modes such as all support heroes or all DPS heroes.

Jerseys for the special event went on ssale Friday morning, each with a special look that both represents the division the player is on, and their normal team. As an added bonus, the jerseys for the All-Stars Games are made by INTO THE AM, the company that made all OWL jerseys for Season 1, unlike Season 2’s jerseys which are made by Fnatics and have left many fans missing the quality of Season 1 gear.

Until May 22, players will also be able to pick up the Pacific Lucio skin and Atlantic Mercy skin, each going for 200 OWL Tokens individually.

20180825-215749-Robert_Paul-atlantic_vs_pacific.jpg Photo by Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment.


  • The OWL Grand Finals are officially going to take place in Philadelphia after being rumored as such last week by ESPN. Tickets go on sale June 22.

  • Lisa Lingvall, Team Manager for Paris Eternal, has parted ways with the team. She said she would shed context for her departure, but as of this writing she has yet to do so. Lingvall is the second team leader to depart their team after this stage after Assistant General Manager Kate Mitchell parted ways with the Washington Justice.

  • NRG Esports, the organization behind the San Francisco Shock, are pulling out of Contenders so they can “make space” to acquire and train new players on the Shock bench rather than putting people in Contenders.

  • Teams that aren’t in the Stage 2 playoffs are beginning to announce roster changes. Fate from the Valiant and McGravy from the Mayhem are switching teams with each other, while the Valiant also pick up FCTFCTN and Shax from Mayhem Academy.