Players have been hard at it, building custom games in the new Workshop on the PTR. Keep up with a lot of the work on either /OverwatchCustomGames or /OverwatchWorkshop to follow that work.

Here are some of the neat ones I’ve seen in the past few days, though keep in mind that most are still in development.

  • Enhanced Ana Paintball - Teleporters, launchers, and jump pads, along with some environmental effects on some maps. (link).

  • Working Scoreboard - It takes up most of the screen in its current form, but this scoreboard keeps track of what’s going on during the match. The goal is to have it eventually only be available after.

  • D.Va Bomb Practice - Practice your Bomb skills and summon an Ana to you to see how much damage was dealt. Within the thread on Reddit are further improvements on the mode.

  • Return of Mass Rez - Players are trying to bring back Mercy’s original ultimate. It sounds like it’s been tricky work trying to get the game to understand it, but progress is being made. Video of progress. (Edit: The Mass Rez has been updated since this article’s original posting and the video linked now goes to version 0.6.)


Misc News

  • This is the final weekend for the Storm Rising event.
  • Season 16 of competitive mode has begun!
  • Our very own rokman went to the Dallas Homestand Weekend and recorded interviews with SPACE, OGE, Mike Rufail, JAKE, and AKM.


Contenders 2019 End of Season 1

Contenders Regions across the world are winding down Season 1 for 2019 or have already wrapped up. Earlier this week in NA East, Fusion University defeated Gladiators Legion, and over in NA West, Team Envy defeated Atlanta Academy.

As I write this the European finals between Angry Titans and British Hurricane just finished, with Angry Titans winnings their first time after reaching the finals three times seasons in a row.

The South American finals take place on Monday.

OWL Grand Finals Location Leaked

Sources have told Slasher, writing for ESPN, that the Grand Finals for OWL Season 2 will be in Philadelphia. The news apparently was told to teams last week during a team owner meeting.

The location is said to be the Wells Fargo Center for the September games.


All-Star Starting Rosters

The starting rosters for the All-Star Games has been revealed. These players are only the starting players for the final game on Thursday night, and they can be switched out after the first game.


  • Ryujehong
  • Yveltal
  • JinMu
  • Fleta
  • Guxue
  • Ameng


  • Jjonak
  • Ark
  • Carpe
  • Pine
  • Poko
  • Fusions

The All-Star Games are taking place on Wednesday, May 15 and Thursday, May 16, and is a series of good-natured exhibition games with rosters of mixed teams facing off against each other. Wednesday night has a series of custom game modes like “Healers Never Die” - supports only, and “Keeping the Peace” - McCree only. Thursday night as 1v1 Widowmaker tournament and the All-Star Game.

Akshon Esports Highlights Returns

Akshon Esports had become known for sharing highlights of Overwatch League games during Season 1, but part way through Stage 1 of Season 2, they were asked to stop by the League. OWL tried to their own, but fans of the work done by Akshon said it wasn’t the same.

This week a partnership between the Overwatch League and Akshon Esports started that allows Akshon to resume making the highlights, this time with footage from the League itself. If you miss a game, check out the great replays on the Akshon youTube channel here.