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That’s right! We’re seeking two front-end developers to help us build out a plethora of projects here at ELO Entertainment, the company behind Overbuff here and our sister sites DOTABUFF and Fortbuff. You can find more information about all the positions available here.

Who knows? Maybe you can be the one to move Symmetra out of the support category!

New Workshop Tool takes Overwatch customization to new levels

On Wednesday, Game Director Jeff Kaplan dropped a bombshell with the announcement of the new Workshop tool coming to Overwatch. This new tool for custom games allows those comfortable with scripting and programming to affect the rules of the game as we know them, and even change how heroes work. Not familiar with what it takes to use the tool? No problem! Modifications can easily be shared and uploaded so you never have to worry about it. Click here to take a look at the instruction manual.

One of the built-in modifications to help people get started with the new tool is a mode called “The Floor is Lava,” where touching the ground begins to burn the hero, meaning one has to do nothing but Wall Ride or find other ways to get airborne. Another mode is Zombie, where one Reaper player is chasing everyone else who play as Soldier: 76. Each time Reaper “catches” Soldier, that player is turned into a Reaper as well to hunt down the remaining players, and so on until the round ends.

As for hero modifications, Stylosa made sure Brigitte was balanced, and this Reddit user made Roadhog’s hook also work as a grappling hook.

The new tool may be a much bigger boon to Overwatch than we’ll know any time soon. Blizzard’s other games such as Warcraft, Starcraft, and World of Warcraft have long had the ability to modify those in ways never imagined at the launch of their tools, ways that led to the existence of the MOBA genre thanks to the Defense of the Ancients game mode in Warcraft 3, and Auto Chess in DOTA2.


The Workshop tool is on the PTR for now, with no date given as to when it will be released.

Lore Tidbit added to Storm Rising Event

A tweet sent out on Thursday added a small bit of lore to the Storm Rising event, taking place shortly after Maximilien’s capture by the strike team. The clip from his interrogation six years ago shows Overwatch trying to get information about Doomfist, information that would ultimately lead to Doomfist’s capture in Singapore.

Season 15 Ending

Season 15 ends next week, so get those final few games in!

Overwatch League

OWL Gains new sponsor, Bud Light beer

On Friday the Overwatch League teased its new sponsor, Bud Light beer. The alcoholic water brand is a big name in traditional sports sponsorship, but has mostly stayed out of esports except for a failed venture of their own a few years ago.

Esports Observer reports that outside of the US, 75% of viewers are of drinking age, making it a reasonable, if unexpected, sponsor. It should be noted that as of this writing, alcohol sales are not permitted inside the Blizzard Arena, but maybe that will change in the future.

The sponsorship begins this weekend at the Dallas Fuel Homestand Event, apparently now known as the Bud Light Homestand Event, and the company will sponsor the other two Homestand events later this year in Atlanta and Los Angeles.

All-Star Games

game modes.jpg

The All-Star Games are fast approaching, taking place on Wednesday, May 15 and Thursday, May 16. Tickets for the event may be purchased on the All-Star Games website, but also there is our first official look at the new Atlantic and Pacific skins for Mercy and Lucio that were leaked last week. When the skins go on sale, they will be 200 OWL tokens each.

On April 26 only, you can vote for the game modes during the games by voting on options in this Twitter thread.

New OWL Commissioner im37

Toronto Defiant player im37’s career has been a meme after being signed by an Overwatch League team just two weeks into his semi-pro venture. The meme continued when the OWL filmed a small segment as he advances to become the new commissioner of the League.