Storm Rising

Storm Rising, the latest Archives event, launched this week and follows an Overwatch strike team as they travel to Havana, Cuba, to pindown Maximillien, an omnic who helps run Talon’s bank accounts.

The co-op mission against AI comes in multiple difficulty levels, and has a story mode that locks the team into Tracer, Mercy, Winston, and Genji, or all-heroes mode that allows the use of any hero. A tip for any who may be looking for some help in the higher difficulties, Baptiste’s Immortality Field makes rezzing people a breeze!

If you’d like to hear all of the interactions for the main heroes during the story mode, Hammeh has collected them all into one video.

Previous versions of the Archives events are back as well for those wanting to try for missed achievements or personal glory.

Reception of Storm Rising has been mixed. While players have been excited to have new content outside of skins and maps for the first time since Retribution last year, for many this feels more like a reskin of that event as there are no new enemies this time, and no new strategies to work out.


Havana Added to PTR

The Havana map used for the Storm Rising event has been added to the PTR as an escort map. Attackers will deliver the payload from the garage Maximillien crashes into, and deliver it through the distillery, and finish at the Havana Sea Port where a chopper is hiding, presumably to help attackers make their escape.

Changes have been made to the map from the event version that allows for more movement around areas and changes sightlines, such as a cigar shop near the first attacker spawn to sneak through, or the addition of massive stills inside the warehouse.

If you can’t make it to the PTR, we collected some screenshots of the map, with a handful of the pics from some of the new areas, over on Twitter.

Going off of Rialto’s release last year, Havana will likely come out when Storm Rising is over, but there has been no official date given yet.


All-Stars Skins Leaked

The skins for the All-Stars Games were leaked. Not much to say here other than I love them!

The All-Stars Games take place on Wednesday, May 15 and Thursday, May 16. Voting for the starters of the games ends on April 28, so make sure to vote now!


Fuel House

In one of the most interesting pieces of team social media yet, the Dallas Fuel now have an animated show. Last weekend the first episode of “Fuel House” came out, and has OGE fighting with Jack from the team’s sponsor, Jack in the Box.

Catch the show on the Dallas Fuel Twitter page.

Women’s Gear added to OWL Store

For the past few seasons, women’s gear has been quite lackluster in the Overwatch League store, but that’s changed with the addition of some new tank tops, hoodies, and sweatshirts were added recently. Sizing goes up to XL on the tanktops, and 2XL on the sweatshirts.

Still no word on when we may get women’s cuts for jerseys.


Dallas Homestand Event Sold Out

The first home games for the Overwatch League are taking place next weekend. The two-day event, next week also has a shorter schedule, has already sold out and it’s said they’re expecting more than 4,500 people in attendance each day.

If you really, really want to go but couldn’t get tickets, OMEN is holding a giveaway for 2 VIP tickets for the event that includes airfare and hotel.

The next Homestand event is in Atlanta on July 6-7, and tickets are already available. On August 24-25, the last Homestand event of the season takes place in Los Angeles.


  • Mayhem Academy broke Fusion University’s 30 game winning streak on Monday.

  • Gen.G, the company that owns the Seoul Dynasty, raised US$46 million from investors, but since one of those investors is actor and singer Will Smith, it’s been getting quite a bit of press.