We’re Hiring!

Elo Entertainment, the folks who run Overbuff, Dotabuff, Fortbuff, and so on, are seeking a Director of Finance. This is a remote position, though being in Austin, Texas is a huge plus. The duties include: financial analysis, modeling, and bookkeeping among other tasks. For the full job description and to apply, check out the listing here.



Next Archives Event Revealed

Storm Rising, the next Archives event, is slated to begin on April 16, this coming Tuesday.

Beginning with a teaser in the form of a newspaper from Havana, it discusses how a local rummaker’s business had been dwindling after not taking an offer to sell the business to an anonymous financial group. Nearly in ruins after a series of “accidents,” the company was sold, but now the rum isn’t the same. Other locations, such as the Havana Sea Fort, have also been purchased by the same anonymous firm.

Another story on the same page describes how Hurricane Fernand was due to hit the area soon.

An audio teaser on Monday, and short video released on Tuesday show scenes from the new map, presumably Havana, and suggest the new co-op mode will have players going after Maximilien, one of the leaders of Talon, in a party consisting of Mercy, Winston, and Genji, with Tracer in charge.

As of this writing, we’ve seen event skins for Baptiste, Junkrat, Moira, McCree, and Wrecking Ball.

Overwatch League

Washington Justice General Manager set to step down

Kate Mitchell, the General Manager for the Washington Justice, detailed her reasons why she has decided to step down after the end of Stage 2. In her post, Kate says that working in Overwatch esports has meant she’s met and worked with many incredible personalities and made friendships that will last a lifetime, but in the end it was the cruelty and toxicity from strangers, particularly Reddit, that took its toll on her.

Thankful for working with an organization that understands mental health issues and supports people, she added, “If you’re at a professional esports team and hurting from stress and anxiety, don’t be afraid to ask for the help you need. If your team can’t provide it, you deserve a better team. Period.”

There’s much more in her statement, so definitely check it out.


Dallas Fuel player EFFECT retires

Last Friday, EFFECT, DPS player for the Dallas Fuel, announced his retirement from professional play. His statement revealed that he’s been working through depression for much of his life, not just during his time with the Overwatch League. It was becoming so difficult for him that he had come to a point where he couldn’t work through it any longer, and felt it was time he step down.

Fuel and Team Envy owner Mike Rufail later announced that EFFECT would continue as a streamer for the team.

In a now deleted tweet, Shanghai Dragons Operations Manager Aaron Xiang said, “I am a kind-hearted person but I don’t like drama queens. Seriously if you are not fit in this League, just quit and don’t be here being all dramatic. That’s childish.” After removing the tweet, he later went on to say that the tweet wasn’t about EFFECT, but if that were the case, it was still about someone in the League and hasn’t sit well with many.

On Tuesday the Shanghai Dragons kind of apologized for Xiang’s comments, saying, “Shanghai Dragons would like to emphasize our concern with mental health which is a serious issue among not only esports players but all people around the world; we do not take it lightly. We sincerely apologize for any comments that may have sounded insensitive,” and added, “We will continue to educate and build awareness on this issue among our members.”