Another relatively quiet week if you’re not into the Overwatch League, but I tried to navigate through the mess of April Fools Day fun to bring you the actual news that happened in the past week. If you didn’t see it on Monday, I shared out a few “Totally True Stats” over on Twitter.



Baptiste Joins Competitive Play

After a two-week break to allow players to figure out the new hero, Baptiste has joined competitive play. The colloquial term for his Immortality Field’s generator has become “lamp,” just in case you hear that callout and are not sure what it means.

Lack of Developer Updates

Jeff Kaplan apologized on the official forums for the lack of Developer Updates. He also added that one should be coming soon, and he thinks it will be next week. If that is the case, that’s just in time for a possible Overwatch Archives teaser.

Overwatch League

Voting for All-Stars Begins

You have until April 30 to vote! The All-Star Games are coming up in the middle of May between Stages 2 and 3, and the community is being asked to vote for 6 players per division for the Pacific and Atlantic starting rosters. The remainder of players on each team will be chosen by an assortment of people working for the Overwatch League.


Toronto Esports Isn’t Paying Players

Ryan Pallet, the owner of the former team behind the Boston Uprising Academy team, Toronto Esports, has been called out for not paying his former players. Ryan Morrison, the “Video Game Attorney,” said on Twitter that Pallet has not paid up and acted immature towards Morrison when previously called out on it.

Not paying players is a fairly common problem across esports, and in the past few months alone for Overwatch, EnVision was twice (1, 2) called out on it, as was Denial Esports, and Eagle Gaming.

Toronto Esports is an organization that dropped out of Overwatch esports in part because the Overwatch League told them they had to change their name to avoid confusion with the Toronto Defiant. This is also the team where player Guardian bought himself out of his contract with them because he hated playing for the team that much.

Plenty of Moves

There was lots of player moves during the break between Stages 1 and 2 of the Overwatch League.

Atlanta Reign

  • Dafran retires from pro Overwatch to stream for the Rein.
  • Acquired Babybay from the San Francisco Shock.
  • Signed frd from Gladiators Legion.

Boston Uprising

  • Persia, formerly with Talon Esports, signed as flex support.
  • Acquired rCk from the Dallas Fuel in a trade for NotE.

Dallas Fuel

  • Coach Cocco stepped down.
  • Picked up Coach daemoN from the Paris Eternal.
  • Acquired NotE from the Boston Uprising in a trade for rCk.

Florida Mayhem

  • Coach Mineral stepped down.
  • Players Tviq, Avast, and McGravy are still with the Mayhem, but are looking for new teams after the Florida team is looking go focus on its Korean roster.

Paris Eternal

  • Head Coach daemoN stepped down and joined the Dallas Fuel.
  • Féfé moved from Player Development Coach to Head Coach.

San Francisco Shock

  • Traded Babybay to the Atlanta Reign.

Toronto Defiant

  • Coach Don released.
  • Stellar retired from professional Overwatch.
  • Signed im37 from Second Wind.

Washington Justice

  • Released coach Obasill.