In a tweet this week, Blizzard announced that Baptiste will be joining the live servers on Tuesday, March 19. He’ll then be joining competitive mode two weeks later on April 2, not one week later as Blizzard had said previously.

It was not made clear that the patch where Baptiste rolls out will also bring the massive number of balance changes coming to other heroes, but based on past experience, it seems pretty likely. Blizzard does not give times for patches, but they most commonly occur just after 11 am Pacific.

Dallas Fuel coach Jayne suspects, or maybe knows something, that Baptiste will be in OWL come Stage 2 when it begins the first week of April.



Answering a collection of questions, developers and the story team filled players in on a bit of Baptiste’s backstory and his gameplay. Check out that link for the full list of questions and answers, but here are some of the bigger details.

Baptiste pronounces the “p” in his name, despite Jeff Kaplan not in his Developer Update. Both Sombra and Baptiste are good friends, as in real friends, not like her “friend” Katya Volskaya in Russia, and she still watches out for him.

Exo Boots not being affected by Sombra’s Hack on the PTR is a bug and will be fixed before he goes to the live servers. If Immortality Field proves to be too powerful, they will look into increasing its cooldown or lowering the generator’s health.

More details on Baptiste’s background were provided, such as if he has family, how did he get involved in Talon, and so on.


Wrecking Ball Plushie Available

Short and sweet, Wrecking Ball has a plushie in the Blizzard Store now!


Overwatch League

OWL Games to be played in Home Cities

Nate Nanzer tweeted out Friday afternoon that in 2020, next year, all OWL teams will be playing in their home cities. It’s been talked about since OWL was introduced, but we’ve barely heard or seen any progress made towards this goal. We still haven’t, but it sure seems they’re committed to making it a reality.

The @overwatchleague is coming home - and away! Starting in 2020, all Overwatch League teams will be playing in their home cities. We’re super excited to see our original vision brought to life. Thanks to all of our fans for your amazing support!

New Overwatch League Merchandise Available

If you’re interested in some new swag, two new outlets have begun selling OWL merchandise.

First up, ULT Esports has begun selling hoodies and sweatshirts for most teams, with NYXL being the odd exception as of this writing. All sizes are listed as men’s sizing.

If you’re into slides, or flip-flops or sandals, ISlide has begun selling team branded pairs both on their website and the Overwatch League store. Regular price for these is $50 (US), and the OWL store has a 20% off sale for a few hours left as of this posting that brings the price to $40 (US).

Top 7 OWL Jerseys

The maker’s of Season 2’s OWL jerseys have provided a list of the Top 7 OWL jerseys sold so far this year.

1) Dafran

2) Jjonak

3) Surefour

4) Guxue

5) Geguri

6) Carpe

7) Poko

Win Tickets to Stage 1 Playoffs

Act fast as time is running out, but if you want a chance to win tickets to the Stage 1 playoffs next weekend courtesy the Overwatch League. Entries are accepted here and the deadline is March 19, the same day of the drawing. Watch the fine print though as Blizzard will fly you there and back AND give you a hotel for two nights, but you have to cover travel while in town, food, and everything else, including to and from the Blizzard Arena.

The rules listed on that tweet indicate this contest is only available for those who live in the Lower 48 States in the US.

ZP Talks About GOATS

If you’re tired of watching 3-3, or GOATS in the Overwatch League, it’s understandable. ZP, however, says it’s been a good thing to have.

The legacy of GOATS / 3-3 will be felt for a long time after the current meta passes. The overall skill level of comp OW has been forever increased because of forcing players to value positioning and cooldowns more than ever before. This levels up players even after a meta shift.

Basically, even when raw FPS talent comes more into play in a future 2/2/2 meta, players aren’t suddenly going to forget all the lessons they’ve had to learn in 3-3 about using abilities and combos in an intelligent manner. The difference will be a much crisper brand of OW.

What do you think? Do you agree?

2019_S1W4D3_120716_Los Angeles Valiant merch_Robert Paul.jpg Photo by Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

LA Valiant Remove Head Coach

The LA Valiant have let go of Head Coach “Moon.” While no reason was provided, it stands to reason that those in charge were not pleased with the 0-7 record that the Valiant finished Stage 1 with. There is a swatch of speculation I prefer not to mention to not add fuel to fire, but you can see some of the Valiant player responses to Moon’s comment on Twitter. (FATE) (KariV) (Bunny)

Soon after Moon was let go, Assistant Manager and Translator for the team, Korean Mulan, parted ways with the team on his own accord.

Cheers and Jeers

This season I started a Cheers and Jeers column to recap some of the weekly highlights of games. Things I share are a mixture of things I saw during games and things I see online. I’m seeking some help in finding great moments! If you come across a great clip in-game, please share them to our Twitter account and I may use them in the future!