Cheers to production for this awesome transition after the Shanghai vs. London match, going between DDing’s Pharah to Profit’s Tracer, and finally to Diem’s Widowmaker.

Jeers to the Blizzard Arena for not shutting down Windows properly. ;)

Cheers to GREAT_SALAD who kept their promise during Community Week of buying a Valiant hoodie if they called them pretty. The Valiant did. It’s not quite, “I’ll buy every Dragons skin if they take one map against the Dynasty” level, but respect nonetheless.

2019_S1W4D1_165048_Los Angeles Valiant swag_Robert Paul.jpg Photo by Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Shrug because I can’t cheer or jeer this one to be honest, but after a 0-7 stage, the Valiant let go of coach Moon. Reaction has been mixed, even from the players themselves, and time will tell if this was the right move. Outlaws GM Flame said: “Firing your head coach in an environment scarce of knowledgeable coaches let alone knowledgeable coaches that can also be strong leaders at the same time is a bold move. I’m not saying it was unwarranted, I’m just saying it’s a hard af job and requires a lot of qualities that aren’t inherently obvious to a viewer or even players. I’ll be surprised if it turns around instantly. Valiant’s gone through more staff than some teams have players.”

Jeers to London for allowing Shanghai’s DDing to get the backcap on Dorado. Bonus cheers to DDing for taunting while it happened. Special thanks to Redditor pajamino for sharing DDing’s PoV, and the overhead map’s PoV.

Cheers to the Watchpoint crew for pwning Bren, getting him to say in Korean that he’s the worst analyst.

Jeers to Chengdu’s Elsa for doing what we’ve all done and throwing Self-Destruct into a pit and following it as it falls.

Jeers to Paris. Always. Check. Your. Corners. Especially against Bumper. If you watch close, you can see Eternal’s BenBest checked last second, but it was far too late.

benBest watches for bumper.PNG BenBest notices Bumper too late.

Cheers to Chengdu for checking their corners, especially against Bumper.