A bit later than I’d like this week, but here we go!

Week 3 left me feeling kind of “meh.” Don’t get me wrong, there were some cool and great moments, but overall it didn’t have the pizzazz of the first two. Hopefully things will change for week 4.

Cheers to the Dragons for their first 4-0! This one against the Chengdu Hunters on Friday night.

Jeers to the Shanghai Dragons for a C9, forgetting the objective, at the worst possible moment in their game against the Fuel on Saturday. On Map 4, with Shanghai up 2-1, Youngjin walked off the payload in Overtime while it was transitioning between Points A and B. This forced the series into a fifth map where Dallas went on to win. Up to that point on Map 4, the Dragons were looking quite good and seriously had a chance to take the series, despite having less time in Round 3 on that fourth map.

Cheers to the Chengdu Hunters for having the fastest full clear on Volskaya thus far in the Overwatch League’s history during their match against the Shanghai Dragons.

hunter volskaya.PNG

Cheers to Reinforce and Sideshow, who both took a pay cut before Season 1, in order to bring Bren into the Overwatch League. The original plan by the League wasn’t to have Bren at all, and the cast convinced The Powers That Be to give them a shot during the 2017 World Cup to show what they had in mind for an OWL desk.

Cheers to Dafran and the Atlanta Reign for this Zarya alleyoop on Hollywood against Paris Eternal. Jeers as well because now I’ll always have to keep an eye out for where Lucio and Zarya are if I can’t find them.

Jeers to the LA teams for seeming to have overslept past Stage 1. What’s going on with these two teams? The Gladiators are the only between the two to have won a map and are at 1-4, while the Valiant are at 0-5.

Cheers to the San Francisco Shock for having the fastest attacking round on Numbani in the Overwatch League’s history. I suppose that’s also jeers to the Washington Justice for letting it happen. The record is according to Reinforce who used Winston’s Lab for the data.

2019_S1W3D3_05036_San Francisco Shock_Robert Paul.jpg Photo by Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment.

Cheers to the Seoul Dynasty for having this INCREDIBLE hold against NYXL on Numbani to win the map.

Jeers to the fact that Akshon Esports can no longer share their own match highlight videos. Speculation is that the Overwatch League themselves put a stop to it, but as of this writing, there’s absolutely nothing public to back that up. Akshon has only said they have stopped “…due to some unforeseen circumstances…”

Jeers? for Transcendence somehow being eaten by Defense Matrix? (source)

Obviously I can’t catch everything but I’d love to hear your suggestions for “Cheers, Love and Jeers” for the upcoming week. Send a clip or describe your favorite plays to the Overbuff Twitter or my Twitter as they happen and I’ll consider them for next week! If I use yours, I’ll even credit you if you’d like!

Cover photo by Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment.