Week 2 is done and what a week it was! The Dragons were finally awakened, spice all around, and Semmler is totally rad.

Cheers to the Shanghai Dragons who won their first game! After a rough 0-42 stretch, the Dragons were able to defeat Boston Uprising 3-1, winning the first three matches of the series. Fans and supporters were overcome with emotion as Shanghai took map 3 to win the series. Yours truly cried at the moment, and cried again days later just rewatching, and cried again after watching Geguri’s reaction again. Now we can say Shanghai is 1-2 and that’s pretty awesome.

Jeers to there being no official photo for me to use of the moment Shanghai won. :(

Jeers to a rule about two-way players that the OWL rule quietly made retroactive a few months ago that meant anyone who played in Contenders last season cannot play more than 2 matches in this OWL stage. The Overwatch League has, however, seemed to have since made some kind of arrangement that allows those two-way players to play according to Uprising GM HuK.

Cheers to the Dallas Fuel for defeating Philadelphia 3-1 backing up Jayne’s trash talk when he said the Fusion’s GOATS was “trash” after watching them play opening week. Before the Dallas v. Philly game in week 2, Fusion’s Carpe told The Game Haus, “Jayne said our GOATS is trash. I hope he’s ready to lose against some trash GOATS.” After the Fuel’s victory, Jayne went on camera to lay down some extra spice.

Jeers to the Washington Justice and London Spitfire having a very boring opening fight on Busan. By the time Justice had about 93% capture to London’s 0%, these were London’s stats.


Cheers to my amazing Photoshop skills.

Jeers again, but maybe also cheers? to London and Washington in going 14 ults on Busan Sanctuary without anyone dying. This clip starts at ult 1, Profit’s Brigitte Rally, and ends when Profit finally died a minute later. I know CaptainPlanet said there were 14 ults, but I thought I counted 15.


Cheers to Hangzhou Spark’s continued killing it on Twitter with their match posters. Here’s the one for their game against the Spitfire last weekend, and the follow-up when they lost.

Cheers to Semmlers donning shades during Saturday’s broadcast. He claims is normal glasses broke but whatever the reason, it was awesome.


Cheers to Sideshow on following through with his bet against the Houston Outlaws, and donating to a charity of Outlaws player Jake’s choice.

Obviously I can’t catch everything but I’d love to hear your suggestions for “Cheers, Love and Jeers” for the upcoming week. Send a clip or describe your favorite plays to the Overbuff Twitter or my Twitter as they happen and I’ll consider them for next week! If I use yours, I’ll even credit you if you’d like!

Cover photo by Sean Costello for Blizzard Entertainment.