At 16 matches a week, it’s hard to watch all the games. I certainly tried! I was able to watch 14 of the 16 and made some notes for my best and worst moments from the week. Stay tuned to the end to see how you can submit your own for the future!

Cheers to the expansion teams coming out in full force, especially Hangzhou Spark who defeated both the Shanghai Dragons and LA Valiant.

Jeers to London Spitfire who can’t seem to make 3-3 / GOATS work for them, a dent in their armor that both the Fusion and Eternal were able to take advantage of.

Love to the Fusion for bringing out Gritty in their opening match.


Jeers to my great screencap of Gritty from the stream as it happened.

Cheers to NYXL for setting up this HUGE Shatter/Bomb combo against the Washington Justice.

Cheers to teams exploring alternatives to the 3-3 comp by adding Sombra into the mix, or going Wrecking Ball + a bunch of DPS.

Jeers to the rough rollout of the Twitch All-Access pass that sometimes left some viewers with uneven audio levels and, by the end of the week, stats that wouldn’t show and individual player cameras that wouldn’t load.

Cheers to Chengdu baiting out a grav from the Charge to win a tiebreaker map.

Jeers to Monte’s moustache that he started the week with.


Cheers that the moustache has already been shaved off. Please no more, Monte!

Cheers to Bren’s triumphant return late on Sunday’s broadcast to talk about how great the Dynasty were when they were down 0-2 against Dallas.

Love to Sideshow’s analysis of Bren’s analysis while Sideshow is still in visa purgatory.

Cheers to Vancouver’s Bumper who accidentally walked into the Korean casting booth.

Jeers to all the Power Rankings that didn’t see Houston and London being at the bottom of the standings after week 1.


Cheers to Dafran being the first Torbjorn to kill anyone with Molten Core and cheers to Surefour for being the first to deal damage with Symmetra in the OWL.

Obviously I can’t catch everything but I’d love to hear your suggestions for “Cheers, Love and Jeers” for the upcoming week. Send a clip or describe your favorite plays to the Overbuff Twitter or my Twitter as they happen and I’ll consider them for next week! If I use yours, I’ll even credit you if you’d like!