Mercy Figma


A new Figma for Mercy was unveiled, and preorders are being taken on the Blizzard Gear Store right now. The Figma is $90 US and the website says the figure will ship by the end of spring 2020. That date is not a typo.

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Overwatch League

Talent Announced

The talent lineup for the upcoming season is out and there are few new, yet familiar, faces. New this year are both Wolf “Wolf” Schröder and Seth “Achilios” King as casters, and Danny Lim, Emily Tang, and Mica Burton as Insiders, or sidelines reporters.

Both Wolf and Achilios have been casting the English broadcast of APEX and Contenders since Monte and DoA left for the Overwatch League. The Insiders have been around as well, most recently working at the World Cup. Danny Lim is said to be focusing on working with Korean players, Emily Tang with the Chinese teams, and Mica Burton will be covering all facets, much like Soe did during Season 1. Soe is moving back to the desk.

The Portuguese broadcast is expanding as well for Brazilian fans!


Community Countdown Preseason Event

The 2019 Season’s preseason will be different from last year. Officially called the Community Countdown, events will be held Saturday through Wednesday in preparation for the Overwatch League’s first matches THIS COMING THURSDAY!

Saturday and Sunday are scrims with all the teams, with the winner of each being the first to reach two wins. On Monday will be Ashe 1v1s and Ana Paintball. Tuesday features a set of Capture the Flag games, and Wednesday will have a showmatch consisting of a mix of OWL talent and streamers.

Details can be found on the Overwatch League Twitter account and their website.

Merchandise Leaves Much to be Desired

As speculated last week, Overwatch League merchandise from Fanatics has left many fans with much to be desired. For example, Atlanta fans noticed that in the OWL store, the Atlanta colors don’t match the team’s jerseys, and has black numbering on a black shirt, where the official jerseys have dark red numbering on a black shirt.

You can see an example of the shirt in real life here on Reddit.

atlantaJersey.jpg Actual Atlanta Reign jersey


The Overwatch League will be back on TV this season, at least in a limited fashion. ESPN said that starting opening week, the final match from Thursday and first two matches from Sunday will air on Disney XD. The playoffs for Stages 1 and 2, and the All-Star Games, will air on the ABC network (American), and the playoffs for Stage 3 will be on ESPN2. There are no details for Stage 4 or the Grand Final sat this time.


  • London Spitfire welcome Robin Lee as their new General Manager as Susie Kim takes on the role of Director of Youth Esports Education and Training for Cloud9, owners of the London Spitfire.
  • Shanghai Dragons tank, Fearless, is taking a personal leave of absence for his health.
  • Rosa Menendez and Lorena Acevedo, the “Esports Makeup” duo for OWL in Season 1, said they were not asked to return for Season 2.
  • Coca-Cola becomes an OWL sponsor.
  • A European OWL Store is allegedly set to open in May.

Cover photo by Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment