Year of the Pig holiday event announced

The next event, celebrating the Chinese New Year, was announced on Thursday. Year of the Pig begins on Thursday, January 24, and already we’ve seen what looks like a Highlight Intro for Soldier: 76. Stay tuned to our Twitter and Overwatch’s for previews of the new items as they’re released.


Bastet Challenge Almost Complete

Ana’s Bastet Challenge officially ends on Monday, January 21, meaning there are only a few more days left to earn her special Bastet skin, player icon, and victory pose based on how many wins you get, and special sprays for both Ana and Soldier: 76 after watching 2-6 hours of certain Overwatch streamers. You can get the full details on the items and streamers for the event over on the Bastet Challenge webpage.

Sideshow Overwatch

Sideshow Overwatch. That is all.



Regional Finals Results

The finals for some Contenders regions have already finished. In Europe, Team Gigantti won a second time for the 2018 season, and in North America, Fusion University won their third straight champsionship.

  • China: T1w Esports defeat Flag Gaming 4-1.

  • Europe: Team Gigantti defeat Angry Titans 4-2.

  • North America: Fusion University defeat Atlanta Academy 4-2.

  • Pacific: Hong Kong Attitude defeat Nova Esports 4-1.

Contenders Playoffs and Finals

This is the last weekend for the 2018 season! Check out for times in your time zone.

All games may be found on the Overwatch Contenders Twitch channel.

  • Australia: Semifinals and Finals - Saturday, January 19.

  • Korea: Finals - Friday, January 18.

  • South America: Finals - Saturday, January 19.

Overwatch League

  • Nate Nanzer said Stage 1 will use the patch that’s currently on the PTR, which includes nerfs to armor, D.Va’s nerf to Defense Matrix, the nerf to the armor provided by Brigitte’s Rally, and the increased health return from Reaper’s damage.