Winter Wonderland


Teasers for the next holiday event arrive.

This week Blizzard started their holiday event teasers with a look at a Christmas-themed Blizzard World map, and announced that the dates of the event would be December 11 through January 2. Each day since Tuesday’s map reveal, we’ve had a look at special event skins coming our way.

First was Snowboarder Zarya, whose winter hat bears a striking resemblance to a new skin that Stitches from Heroes of the Storm got for the holiday.

We then got a look at Arctic Fox Lucio, and Sugar Plum Fairy Mercy. If Sugar Plum Fairy Mercy looks familiar, it was designed by Faebelina, whose original Overwatch Fairy work can be seen on her DeviantArt page.

New Brigitte and Doomfist changes coming soon?

While not announced yet, it’s likely that the current PTR will go live when the Winter Wonderland patch comes out next week. Currently on the PTR are the changes to Brigitte’s Shield Bash so that it does less damage and will not go through barriers, but she heals for slightly more and slightly longer, and Doomfist has slightly less mobility and does not lock out his targets out from being able to respond to him nearly as hard as he currently does.

A few other changes this PTR build has are a buff to McCree’s Fan the Hammer damage and Torbjorn’s Molten Core Ultimate, and Bastion gets more accurate the longer the player holds in the attack button while in Sentry mode.

Overwatch League

Final two Overwatch League teams revealed.

During a Vancouver Canucks hockey game last Saturday, the Vancouver Titans were officially revealed. The team’s colors are green and blue, and their logo is of Sasquatch. Most of the players hail from Korean Contenders team RunAway, a team that has repeated success since the days of APEX. (Official OWL announcement.)


Early Monday morning, the Washington Justice made their name known to the world. Their roster draws from all over, and includes Gido from Seoul Dynasty, Janus from NYXL, and Ado from the Shanghai Dragons. (Official OWL announcement.)

The Washington reveal hasn’t been entirely without controversy, with one such case from Briggsycakes, writing for OverwatchScore, not being happy with how her identity was used in Washington’s video.


Watchpoint Season 2 Preview Show

The Overwatch League’s show, Watchpoint, had a special episode on Wednesday to preview the upcoming season that begins on February 14, 2019.

Along with interviews, the talent discussed what to look for in all eight of the new times, what changes the existing changes have made in the off-season, and they covered changes the Season 2 format will go through from Season 1. A few of these format changes include:

  • Teams play 28 games in a season instead of 40.
  • Four games will be played each day instead of 3, and games are live Thursday through Sunday.
  • Road games
  • All-Star Games take place between Stages 2 and 3.
  • 8 teams make it to the Stage and Season playoffs.

Notable News and Highlights

  • Overwatch one Esports Game of the Year at The Game Awards.

  • One player shared a particularly creepy Mei bug that also affects gameplay.

  • The person who does in-game media for the Dallas Mavericks basketball team made a special Overwatch-themed promo video with the help from some on the team. Maverwatch video and its Reddit thread.