It’s been a relatively quiet few weeks in the world of Overwatch outside of roster announcements for the Overwatch League.

ASHE! Do something!

On Tuesday the newest hero, Ashe, was added to competitive play. The most common response to our announcement of her being added can be boiled down to, “Already?” Earlier this year, Blizzard reversed its decision to only introduce new maps and heroes between seasons, after the backlash they received when many in the community felt it was taking too long for heroes to become available.

Right now the policy is, “Roughly two weeks after they are added to live servers.”



A number of people involved in Overwatch and esports recently started using the EsportsMystery hashtag. Speculation on social media was high, from guessing it was a tournament to a new game announcement. Confusion was added to the mix when Slasher decided to have some fun and tweet out a “leak” about a fictional American Esports organization announcing itself.

Ultimately though, the mystery event was actually the wedding between London Spitfire General Manager Susie Kim, and Overwatch League caster, Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles. The event was streamed, and many of the Overwatch League talent was involved, including a hilarious casting of the bouquet toss by Bren and Sideshow, and their follow-up analysis.


Atlanta finds Last Night’s Leftovers

The Atlanta Reign picked up Last Night’s Leftovers to be their Contenders team. Last Night’s Leftovers now play under the Atlanta Academy name, and are up 3-1 after the first week of competition, with four weeks left to go for North America Contenders.

Contenders Returns

Season 3 of Overwatch Contenders has kicked off, with all regions now underway.

  • Where to watch: Contenders Twitch page

  • Schedule: Found on the official Contenders page or the regional Liquipedia pages (NA), (SA), (AU), (CN), (EU), (KR), and (PAC).

  • Community: Official Path to Pro Twitter account for daily match times, or the unofficial Contenders Twitter account for daily match times, links, and clips from the day’s matches as they occur. I also try to retweet them when I can on the Overbuff Twitter account, but the other two are always on the ball.