Seagull shares his thoughts on the State of Overwatch

In a video released on Thursday, streamer and former Dallas Fuel player Seagull stated his opinions on the state of Overwatch. Here, Seagull puts some of the blame on the introduction of heroes, such as Brigitte, who are hard counters to other heroes when, he feels, the initial roster of heroes all had soft counters. One such example of a soft counter being that while Pharah has counters such as Widowmaker, it often means that the Pharah just has to play differently, not switch off. On the other hand, if your team is running a Tracer against an enemy Brigitte, if the Tracer player doesn’t switch off, they’re seen as throwing, or giving up on the match.

Seagull doesn’t propose much for solutions, but did bring up that he feels that ultimate abilities generate too quickly. He also feels more live stats while in the game would do some help.

Team Canada and Dallas Fuel coach Jayne brought Seagull, Surefour, and later xQc into a call to discuss the issue further, but also discussing the possibilities of what a role queue could look like.

Streamer Emongg doesn’t feel Blizzard will change anything any time soon, and esports consultant and occasional news leaker, Slasher, said, “Overwatch might be the most frustrating playing experience in all of esports.”


Ashe does something and joins the live servers.

Introduced at BlizzCon just a few weeks ago, Ashe and B.O.B. have already joined the live servers! The leader of the Deadlock Gang brings another DPS character who is part main attacker and part sniper. Her ultimate, B.O.B., sends her sidekick into the fight where he’ll throw anyone in his way until finds a place to stop, where he switches to shooting cover fire to either distract the enemy team, or keep them at bay. B.O.B. can contest the point, be healed, discorded, slept, and so on, just like any actual player character.

PTR Patch

PTR nerfs Brigitte and Doomfist, adds OWL Away skins, Golden B.O.B.

This week a new patch was added to the PTR that included a number of balance adjustments for heroes, a change to Overwatch League skins, and gave B.O.B. a cosmestic change.

Bastion was given a buff in that his ammo was increased in Recon mode (walking around), and his weapon spread in Sentry mode (stationary mode) was reduced slightly.

Brigitte’s Shield Bash will no longer work through barriers. The intent is to make it so the ability won’t go through barriers at all, but playing around on the PTR, Brigitte will occasionally walk through them if she had momentum or was moving when using the ability. That said, despite the ability’s graphic going through the barrier, the Shield Bash will not hurt enemies if she goes through it first. Also, there is a small gap between Reinhardt’s barrier and his body that a Brigitte right in his face could take advantage of. A good or aggressive Brigitte who isn’t being punished for being out of position will still prove to be a nuisance, just as she was before.


Doomfist’s Rising Uppercut now only causes loss of control for 0.6 seconds instead of 3, and his Seismic Slam that he uses to leap great distances, has been reduced from 20 meters to 15. These changes were to make him less of a frustration to play against, and to slightly reduce his ability to get in and out of a fight, while still keeping most of it there.

McCree’s alternate fire, Fan the Hammer, had its damage slightly increased to help him in close range battles with tanks.

Soldier: 76’s Helix Rockets are no longer connected to his Tactical Visor ultimate, meaning players can shoot them in any direction while the ultimate is active. This change was brought on because he would often miss long-range shots with the rockets since they have travel time, opposed to his bullets.

The lava from Torbjorn’s ultimate, Molten Core, had its damage increased because it was felt the lava wasn’t deterring people from standing in them as much as intended.

Players to get more OWL skins than know what to do with.

Players who own the Home skin for a team on a hero will now automatically gain the same Away skin for that hero. This works in the opposite direction as well, with owners of the Away skins getting the Home skin. See some pictures here of some of my favorite Away versions. Assuming this new perk works the same way when this patch goes live as it did on the PTR, players will not have to do anything to activate these skins, and will see a number of heroes with the NEW banner in their Hero Gallery.

B.O.B. gets an upgrade? Shiny!

The PTR made it so that when players purchase and equip Ashe’s golden weapon, B.O.B. himself is also gold. You can see some of the designs on our Twitter feed.


Boston Uprising academy team calls it quits.

This week, Toronto Esports, the academy team for the Boston Uprising, left the Overwatch scene. Posting to Twitter, the account said it was over an issue of the word “Toronto” being in their name, and the Overwatch League saying it had to be removed within a few weeks because their new franchise, the Toronto Defiant, had exclusive naming rights. Toronto Esports has been around since 2016, and the Toronto Defiant is new this year.

We have been informed by Blizzard that we will be forced to remove “Toronto” from our brand in only 6 weeks. Mid Contenders season 3. The reason cited: @TorontoDefiant have purchased “exclusive naming rights”. We will be leaving Overwatch effective immediately. Good riddance. (source)

On what will happen to the players and staff of the academy team, Boston Uprising’s President of Gaming, HuK, clarified that the Boston Uprising still hold the contracts for these people, saying:

I do not have the ability at the moment to address the recent or current decision out of @TOesports and we were not part of the decision at all. That being said we retain ownership of all the player and staff contracts and ownership over the contenders slot.

We will continue to compete as a team, but obviously under a new brand. That is all I can say at the moment but will provide further details at a later date. (source)

Team names for two upcoming OWL teams revealed.

This week we got a look at the last of the three new teams in China, the Hangzhou Spark, and Chengdu Hunters.

The Hangzhou Spark announced on Weibo that they have signed guxue, tank for Team China during the 2018 World Cup. Hangzhou Spark OWL Announcement page. A Redditor shared a link to a Weibo thread, where the artist showed her original logo designs, from when the team was hoping to be called the Railgun. Someone reshared the images on Imgur.


The Chengdu Hunters have not announced any of their roster at the time of this writing. Chengdu Hunters OWL Announcement page.


Vancouver and Washington D.C. are the final teams left to be officially revealed.

Notable News

  • The next Overwatch free WEEK begins on November 20, and ends on November 26. This coincided with the American Thanksgiving holiday break. Introduce your friends to the game, and then show them their Overbuff profile!

  • The sign-up period for Season 1 of the 2019 Open Division has begun. Team registration is open until December 3, 2018, and player registration is open until January 26, 2010. Start on your Path to Pro, or just play with friends and earn US$10 in Blizzard Balance if your team shows up for 8 out of 10 games. Full details, and links to the rules, can be found on the Open Division page.