BlizzCon 2018

Every year at BlizzCon we get exciting events in both the reveal of what’s next for Overwatch, and the conclusion to the Overwatch World Cup.

“Have some Lucio-Ohs!”


Starting off the Overwatch segment of the opening ceremonies, we were treated to a commercial for Lucio-Ohs, an actual cereal coming in December. BlizzCon attendees were given vouchers to collect a box of their own at the event. I gave it a taste and to me the “Ohs” taste similar, but not exactly like, Lucky Charms sans the marshmallows.

McCree cinematic tells us the time and introduces us to the newest hero.


Next up, we not only got the McCree cinematic “Reunion,” but we also got a sneak peak at the newest hero, Ashe! Ashe is the leader of the Deadlock Gang and is a short to mid-range hero whose ultimate is her Omnic sidekick B.O.B. She can snipe, she has a knock-back that also allows her to jump into the air or to the side, and B.O.B. is basically a seventh member of your team. You can read Sabriel’s First Impressions from the BlizzCon showfloor here.

We also got a look at a potential future hero, Echo. Echo was on the train the Deadlock Gang was robbing, and McCree sent the Omnic on their way to Overwatch after defeating Ashe. Interesting fact: Echo was seen in the background of the original Overwatch reveal years ago. At a later interview, Jeff Kaplan said Echo will not be hero 30, and the players are not ready for them.

World Cup


The World Cup finals ended with South Korea becoming the three-time champion when they defeated China. Leading up to the finals, neither team had given up a map at all during the playoffs, though the UK did force two maps against Korea to a draw. While expectations were that Korea would win, hopes were high for China, who looked strong all the way to the finals, where they struggled to get any points until they seemed to rally on map 4 of the best of seven series, before ultimately losing.

More content related to the World Cup is coming soon so stay tuned next week!

PTR & Patch Info


A Blizzard employee posted to the official forums to say that the next patch for Overwatch will require a reinstall of the game. No further details were given at the time of this writing. If any more details come, check out that thread above, or watch our Twitter.

The latest PTR patch came down that allows players to try Ashe first-hand. Playing in 6v6 Ashe duels is some of the most fun I’ve had in quite some time so if you can, hop onto the server and give her a shot and make B.O.B do something.

CAUTION: The following are things that are NOT on the PTR (yet) and may never reach the PTR. Our friends at Overwatch Central pulled some information from one of the BlizzCon streams for easier reading. Watch their video for full context. In that stream, a few changes that are being tested internally were discussed, but again they may NOT ever see the light of day.


  • Weapon clip size in Recon Mode increased to 35 from 25.
  • Sentry Mode’s Minigun weapon spread is reduced the longer you hold in the fire button, meaning it’s more accurate as the button is held.


  • Seismic Slam range reduced from 20 meters to 15 meters.
  • Loss of control due to Rising Uppercut reduced to 0.6 seconds.


  • Fan the Hammer damage increased by 10 damage per shot. It’s currently 13.5-45 damage per shot, depending on the range of the target.

Notable News

  • Overwatch League analyst Reinforce said his contract was not renewed for 2019. A stream by Reinforce after the announcement had friends Bren and Sideshow giving him support.

  • Two of the new Overwatch League franchises announced their names and colors. First we have Paris Eternal with a red, blue, and gold color scheme. Second was the Guangzhou Charge with blues as their coloring.

  • Atlanta Reign DPS player Dafran announced that he had quit the team, ended his contract, and quit Overwatch all-together. He even streamed himself uninstalling Overwatch. After a few days, he followed up saying it wasn’t true and that he was going through some rough times, adding that he’s going to stream less to focus on himself.

  • The Atlanta Reign announced Fran as their first streamer. Fran is a high-ranked player, often playing Ana, and you find her channel here.