New PTR build includes buffs for Mercy, Roadhog, and others.


This week introduced changes for a handful of heroes on the PTR, including a much-awaited Roadhog buff. His hook now pulls targets to him after only 0.3 seconds instead of 0.5, the target’s momentum is greatly reduced when grabbed, meaning they’ll be less likely to break the hook, and the cooldown on the ability begins immediately instead of when the target has been pulled.

His Scrap Gun’s weapon received some slight changes to make it more consistent, and his Whole Hog ultimate knocks back enemies a few more meters AND the recoil for the Roadhog slightly less. All of these changes mean he should feel a bit better for most Roadhog players.

When “Hook 2.0” came out in early 2017, it felt better for targets caught in it, but not so much for the Roadhog himself. After Roadhog’s hook was fixed to stop grabbing targets at odd angles, and to allow enemies caught in it to break out if they were near corners, many Roadhog players felt he just wasn’t the same and this addresses that.

Mercy received her first buff in a while, increasing her healing from 50 healing per second (HPS) to 60, and her Valkyrie ultimate builds 15% faster. Symmetra’s primary fire charges faster, and Reaper’s life steal passive was changed from 20% damage returned back as health to 30%.

For a full list of the changes, bug fixes, and developer comments, check out this post.

BlizzCon is almost here!


BlizzCon begins next Friday and we’ll have some content for you direct from the show floor. Stay tuned to our Twitter for the latest.

A new Developer Update mentioned a few things to look forward to at BlizzCon and beyond.

  • The World Cup Viewer will allow PC players, sorry console users, to watch the Overwatch World Cup in real-time like a spectator from within the game. It also allows for replays of every match at BlizzCon to be viewed after they’ve completed, and have features unlocked such as changing the speed of the match, and being able to jump around the timeline of the match. The top-down view is also available.

  • The World Cup Viewer will be tested on a special client just before the World Cup, and will help Blizzard develop the feature for everyone to use in their own matches in the future.

  • No new map will be revealed at BlizzCon. New map content is coming, it just won’t be shown at BlizzCon.

Atlanta and Toronto franchises reveal their names.


This week two of the six new franchises revealed their names to the world. First up, the Atlanta team announced they are the Atlanta Reign, with red and white coloring and a phoenix logo. For Toronto, during a community event on Wednesday night, they unveiled their name as the Toronto Defiant, with black and red colors.

Atlanta Reign on Twitter. Toronto Defiant on Twitter.

LEGO Overwatch sets leaked.


Target, intentionally or not, leaked the upcoming LEGO Overwatch sets which include “Tracer vs. Widowmaker” that includes the Gibraltar shuttle payload, “Hanzo vs. Genji” with some of Hanamura Point B as its base, along with Pompadour Guy, “Dorodo Showdown” with Soldier: 76, McCree, and Reaper in the fountain area of the map with the truck payload, “D.Va and Reinhardt” that just includes the two heroes in their tall glory, “Bastion” in its default colors and can reconfigure into Siege Mode, and lastly, “Watchpoint: Gibraltar” which has Mercy, Pharah, Winston, and Reaper with the final point of that map as the backdrop.

You can see images of all the sets at The Brick Fan.

Notable News

  • Dallas Fuel coach Jayne’s community will run monthly tournaments for players in Platinum, Diamond, and Master ranks. There is a league for each rank and one for both EU and NA. More information can be found on their Discord server.

  • Halloween Terror ends on October 31 so get those loot boxes and Junkenstein’s Revenge achievements done.

  • Season 12 ends on Sunday!

Roster and Staff Announcements

Boston Uprising

  • blasé DPS (from Gladiators Legion)

Los Angeles Gladiators

  • Decal DPS (from Kongdoo Panthera)
  • r0ar Tank (from Kongdoo Panthera)

New York Excelsior

  • nuGget General Manager (from Seoul Dynasty as coach)

Paris OWL

  • BestBest Tank (from Young and Beautiful)
  • Danye DPS (from Copenhagen Flames)
  • Féfé Player Development Coach (from Eagle Gaming)
  • Finnsi Flex (from from LA Valiant)
  • HyP Support (from Eagle Gaming)
  • Kruise Support (from Toronto Esports)
  • Kyky Assistant Coach (from Houston Outlaws and Dallas Fuel)
  • LhCloudy Tank (from Mayhem Academy)
  • NiCO or NiCOgdh DPS (from Eagle Gaming)
  • Seita Strategic Coach (from Team Gigantti)
  • ShaDowBurn added as DPS (from Philadelphia Fusion)
  • SoOn added as DPS (from LA Valiant)

San Francisco Shock

  • Viol2t added as Support (from O2 Ardeont)

Shanghai Dragons

  • CoMa Support (from Kongdoo Panthera)
  • DDing DPS (from Kongdoo Panthera)
  • diem DPS (from Lucky Future Zenith)
  • GuardiaN Flex (from Toronto Esports)
  • Luffy Support (from Kongdoo Panthera)
  • YOUNGJIN DPS (from Kongdoo Panthera)

Toronto Defiant

  • Dennis Matz as Analyst (from website Winston’s Lab)