Profile Trouble


Some of you have noticed that your profiles have been acting in a peculiar manner. For some the profile is showing as private when it’s actually set to public, for others it’s showing old or random profile pictures and out of date data, and for others, old or erroneous has come out of nowhere.

The trouble was coming from Blizzard’s end, so there hasn’t been much we could do, but things seem like they may be on the mend. If you feel your profile is being affected, send a link to support at or Tweet a link to us. We may not be able to do anything about it, but we can take a look.

Overwatch League Fan Events


A few of the Overwatch League teams are holding events for their fans in the next few days. On Saturday in LA, the Valiant are holding the first of their California Cup events with the Shock, a Community Block Party with carnival games, food, live music, and a player meet-and-greet. Separate from the Block Party is the first California Cup matchup between the Valiant and the Shock that also includes a collegiate match and opportunities for locals to sign up for 3v3s and 1v1s.

Also on Saturday in London, the first Gilded Gala event takes place. The Gilded Gala is a partner event between the London Spitfire and Houston Outlaws. Stylosa will be hosting the event where SPREE, Danteh, and ArHaN will join the Spitfire roster for the gathering. It’s been suggested that everyone is going to dress up formally. Tickets for this are sold out.

On Wednesday, October 24, Toronto’s OWL team is having a launch party to celebrate their unveiling on the same day. Tickets are already sold out, but there were only 350 available.

Notable News

  • Jeff Kaplan said the recently mentioned Roadhog changes would hopefully be coming to the PTR this week. That’s not a guarantee and as of this writing, we still have no details what they could be.

  • Blizzard and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation outlined where the $12.7 million collected earlier this year in the Mercy went.

  • Check out Season 5 of the BEAT esports Invitational this weekend, beginning today, where eight invited teams face off for a $6,600 prize pool.

Roster and Staff Changes

Atlanta OWL Team

  • Casores (player development coach) [from One.PoinT]
  • Danny (analyst) [from GOATS]
  • Sephy (head coach) [from Last Night’s Leftovers]
  • Silence (assistant coach) [from Last Night’s Leftovers]

Boston Uprising

  • Gunba (assistant coach) [from LA Valiant]

Dallas Fuel

  • Closer (support) [from London Spitfire]

Florida Mayhem

  • BQB (DPS) [from X6-Gaming]
  • Kris (support) [from Meta Athena]
  • SWoN (tank) [from NRG Esports]

Guangzhou OWL Team

  • HOTBA (flex) [from Philadelphia Fusion]

Los Angeles Valiant

  • daemoN (assistant coach) [to unannounced new team]
  • Gunba (assistant coach) [to Boston Uprising]
  • SoOn (DPS) [rumored to Paris OWL Team]

London Spitfire

  • Closer (support) [to Dallas Fuel]
  • Guard (DPS) [from Element Mystic]
  • Krillin (support) [from CRusher]

Philadelphia Fusion

  • HOTBA (flex) [to Guangzhou OWL Team]

Seoul Dynasty

  • WhyNot (assistant coach) [from O2 Ardeont]
  • Jecse (support) [from Element Mystic]
  • Marve1 (tank) [from Lucky Future Zenith]
  • Michelle (flex) [from Lucky Future Zenith]