Junkenstein tries for revenge a third time.


We will all regret the day we met Dr. Jamison Junkenstein… again! Halloween Terror has returned with new skins, new emotes, and new highlight intros for the heroes. My personal favorite new skin might have to be Pharah’s Enchanted Armor or Moira’s Banshee. Slasher: 76 is pretty rad, too!

Heroes have undergone changes since last year’s event, such as Symmetra and Torbjorn, that change how Junkenstein’s Revenge is played. With The Summoner (Symmetra) now creating massive barriers for her ultimate, she protects her allies more with her massive shield. Torbjorn’s rework, more on that in a moment, allows him to protect a larger area of the battlefield with his new Molten Core ultimate. For some, adding Brigitte and the new Torbjorn have made the mode easier, allowing them to get achievements that were previously out of reach.

This year we also got a new, spooky version of Château Guillard to add to Eichenwalde and Hollywood.

Junkenstein’s newest creation brings Torbjorn rework, Pharah adjustments.


The Halloween event not only introduced a lot of scary new items, but the Torbjorn rework went live as well. We’ve covered them before, but in short, heh, he can now toss his turret that builds itself, he can increase his attack speed and armor for a short time with his new Overload ability, and Molten Core now allows him to shoot lava that lasts a short time and not only does damage to enemies while they stand in it, but it hurts armor even more.

Pharah gained mobility in this patch as her Concussion Blast has a shorter cooldown and now affects her more if she hits herself. She can also fire rockets faster. They do less splash damage, but her direct hits hurt more.

Other heroes had changes meant to improve them such as McCree’s Combat Roll cooldown being reduced, Soldier: 76’s weapon spread doesn’t begin until he’s fired 9 bullets instead of 6, and Orisa’s weapon spread is 20% smaller.

New coloring options for color blind players were also added, allowing players customize more of how the game looks for easier viewing. Players with or without color blindness have been using the options to customize their own game’s coloring to personal preferences.

You can read the full patch notes from Blizzard here.

A lot of new interactions between heroes have been added in this patch. I’ve already heard a few of these, and Reinhardt now also says he’s getting cooked alive on Route 66, not just in Oasis. Overwatch Interactions has captured most, if not all of them in this video

Overwatch League announces Season 2 plans.


With 20 teams this time over 12, and with feedback from players in season 1, the Overwatch League has announced their planned changes for 2019.

  • Stages remain at four total stages at 5 weeks each.
  • Teams will play 7 regular matches per stage instead of 10, with occasional weeks off.
  • All-Star Games take place between Stages 2 and 3, meaning a longer break between those stages.
  • The 7th through 12th place teams at the end of the regular season have a chance to fight their way into the finals playoffs.

Notable News

  • Former OWL producer Alchemist says Blizzard will not be hiring APEX observers. Blizzard didn’t want their style of quick cut observing. He went on to describe some of the thought processes and reasons why some things were the way they were when it came to producing the weekly broadcast.

  • Kyky was let go from the Houston Outlaws. He joined them in May after previously being with Team Envy/Dallas Fuel.

  • KnoxXx, tank player who played for Eagle Gaming when they won EU Contenders Season 2, retired from professional Overwatch and said Eagle Gaming stopped paying the team months ago.

  • dudu of Brazil Gaming House and Team Brazil has retired from professional Overwatch.

This Week on Overbuff

  • Miko interviewed Fareeha, a high-level Pharah player, where they talked about the recent Pharah changes and how the streaming life has treated her. Read that here!

Funny Stuff I Saw on Reddit

  • MeiCree shows us how to avoid Dragonblade.