Halloween Terror teased, release date announced.


The third incarnation of the Halloween Terror event it slated to begin on Tuesday, October 9 as teased by Blizzard earlier this week. While Junkenstein’s Revenge doesn’t sound like it’ll have too much different, but Jeff did say in an off-hand comment during the most recent Developer Update that Junkenstein’s Monster would have a wife. We don’t know if that means only a skin, or if it means they’ll also be added to the game mode as well.

Earlier this week we got a look at DoomFish (Swamp Monster), Banshee Moira, and Spider Widowmaker.

LEGO Overwatch teased again.


This week Blizzard teased LEGO Overwatch again, this time with Jeff Kaplan putting together a Tracer minifig in a small promotional video. The announcement said news on the sets are coming soon, but no further details were given. Earlier this year, Brick Fanatics suggested a LEGO Overwatch show may be coming to Netflix, but this still has not been confirmed. At some point, the LEGO Overwatch page was updated to add a quote from Winston, a bunch of bananas, and a jar of peanut butter.

Notable News

  • Snowball is getting a new desk toy that goes above and beyond the norm. Available for pre-order for (US) $175, this new Snowball levitates over its platform, its LED face changes with its expression, and it works as a device charger with its USB port.

  • The PTR was updated to re-add Reinhardt after not being available last weekend, to fix a few bugs such as the way colorblind colors interacted with Overwatch League skins, pretending Torbjorn Splatoon from becoming a reality.

  • BEARHANDS, former Director of Player Personnel for NYXL, joined the Florida Mayhem as Assistant General Manager and Head of Scouting.

*This Week on Overbuff

  • Sabriel interviewed Joemeister about his season with the Philadelphia Fusion and what’s in store for his future. You can read that interview here.