Paris World Cup Qualifier completed.


The final World Cup Qualifier for the year wrapped up in Paris, France and both Team France and Team United Kingdom are on their way to BlizzCon. Both teams had a fairly dominant showing for most of their games, barely giving up any maps.

After the games, the drawing for the BlizzCon playoffs were held on stage and in the quarterfinals we have:

  • France vs. Canada
  • China vs. Finland
  • US vs. UK
  • South Korea vs. Australia

The above quarterfinal games take place on Friday, November 2 at BlizzCon.

Notable News

  • The OWL All-Access Pass is currently $15 (US), down from its usual $30 price tag. OWL may be over but it grants you a number of OWL skins, the Lucio DJ emote, and a bunch of player Q&As from the season.

  • Blizzard is selling pre-orders for a specialized Dragonblade on their Gearstore. It’s a full-sized replica that lights up. makes noises such as slashing and Genji’s ultimate voice line, and also has its own sheath and display stand.

  • The new Busan map was quietly added to the Competitive map pool.

  • Jeff Kaplan said that Roadhog is getting some changes soon, but not to “rework” levels. They were hoping to have these changes added to the most recent PTR, but whatever they’re doing required animation work so it was delayed.

  • Michael Chu, Lead Writer for Overwatcy, tweeted that Soldier 76’s middle name is Francis.

OWL/Contenders Roster and Staff Changes

  • ioStux left XL2 to find other coaching opportunities in OWL or Contenders. (ioStux’s statement; XL2’s statement)

  • The San Francisco Shock have signed Rascal from their Academy team, NRG Esports. Rascal was previously on the rosters for the London Spitfire and Dallas Fuel.

  • The Philadelphia Fusion signed a two-way contract for Elk, which basically means he can play for either the Fusion or Fusion University, but restrictions apply. Elk was also immediately traded for Gritty from the Philadelphia Flyers. You can read more about Elk in our recent interview with him.

  • The Florida Mayhem signed HaGoPeun from Mayhem Academy. They also signed Apply from Mayhem Academy in a two-way contract.

  • The Houston Outlaws and London Spitfire announced their Guilded Gala series. These vents will feature a few players from each team making appearances in London (October) and Houston (January) in a handful of showmatch 1v1s, mystery hero games, and games with fans.