Torbjorn rework detailed, along with other improvements, in new Developer Update.


In the latest Developer Update, Jeff Kaplan outlined changes that are coming soon to the PTR for Torbjorn. He also touched briefly on changes for other heroes, new colorblind options, and spoke about why event modifications have taken a step back, at least for the time being.

Torbjorn’s rework includes changes to his entire kit. Molten Core as we know it today is going away, and most of it is becoming a baseline ability called Overload. Overload gives him a movement speed and fire rate increase, and also gives him damage resistance. It does not affect his turret.

The new Molten Core ultimate pulls his claw hook into frame and he shoots globules of lava that bounce off ceilings and walls until it hits the ground, allowing it to do AoE damage. This lava also does extra damage to armor.

Torbjorn no longer provides armor, and thus the scrap system is gone. His turret is now permanently in a “level 2” state as it no longer has different levels, and it can be tossed around, allowing it to be deployed in new areas. It can be destroyed by enemies or the Torbjorn, and it target’s Torbjorn’s target.

Changes are coming to his Rivet Gun that increase its effectiveness. The goal for all of these changes was to make Torbjorn more of an acceptable pick on both attack and defense. For a full breakdown of numbers and video examples of the new abilities, check out Blizzard’s thread on the rework.

Other heroes with changes coming soon were mentioned, but details were scarce. Orisa’s gun is being reworked, Soldier: 76’s and McCree’s viability are going to be improved, and Pharah is going to have her potential increased at high levels, while her punishing effectiveness at low levels is going to be nerfed a bit.

Improvements are coming to the colorblind mode that allow users to select colors that work for them.

Kaplan also said that improving events has taken a step back while the team focuses on game balance and quality of life improvements, hence why Lucioball went largely unchanged and Junkenstein’s Revenge won’t look much different this year either. He added that the recent support changes and item filters were a result of this focus shift.

Lastly, he mentioned that the third, still unannounced social feature they were hoping to reveal by now is taking longer than they expected, and will no longer appear in 2018. No new details or date were been given.

Blizzard reiterated their ban on third-party software.


This week Blizzard posted that use third-party software such as Visor and Pursuit to help players in their games is against the EULA we agreed to to play Overwatch. A warning email has gone out to most players who were found to have used one or both of these programs within the past few months.

In short, Visor was a program that helped in-game, to the level of helping provide estimates on enemy ultimate charge, while Pursuit watched gameplay in the background and uploaded data and stats for later viewing on their website. There’s more nuance to each program, but those are the basics.

The case of Pursuit has caused more upset in the community as it didn’t provide active game aid, and a few Overwatch League teams were partnered with the company. The move caused even more confusion as Blizzard was said to be involved when those partnerships were sorted out.

This talk from Blizzard does not affect Overbuff as we do not run software that watches you play the game.

Notable News

  • OWL DC announced picking up AVALLA as an assistant coach and mkL as analyst. AVALLA was an assistant coach for Optic Gaming and Meta Bellum, and is also the first female coach in the Overwatch League. mkL worked with her on Optic Gaming, and was also involved with Last Night’s Leftovers.

  • The Shanghai Dragons announced their pickup of BlueHaS as head coach. Before this, BlueHas was previously with Kongdoo Panthera as head coach.

  • The San Francisco Shock traded DPS player Danteh to the Houston Outlaws in exchange for tank, smurf.

  • Harsha Bandi, a member of the San Francisco Shock’s coaching roster has left the team to pursue new opportunities and is looking for a team.

  • Eagles Gaming defeated Angry Titans 4-1 to win the Season 2 European Contenders Grand Finals during the Overwatch World Cup in Paris.

  • A full-sized Genji sword that lights up and has sound effects is available for pre-order from Blizzard. It is (US) $200.

  • Houston Outlaws player Jake said he will not be casting for OWL season 2.

This Week on Overbuff

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