Patch brings new Busan map; hero changes.


This week we received our first new Control map since Oasis was released in January 2017, Busan. The new map has three areas representing the city: Sanctuary in an ancient temple, Downtown, and the MEKA Base from the D.Va “Shining Star” cinematic. One of the spawn rooms for the MEKA Base has D.Va’s quarters with all her gaming trophies, and the Downtown map has a noraebang (karaoke room) as one spawn area, and a PC bang as the other spawn.

Also in the patch were some changes for a few heroes, most notably Reinhardt and Brigitte. Reinhardt’s Earthshatter received a rework to help it behave more consistently on inclines, on the payload, and around barriers, while Brigitte will now fall back when she uses Shield Bash on charging targets such as Reinhardt and Doomfist.

Roadhog received a slight nerf for balance as well. Previously his alternate fire had no damage fall-off, making him do more damage at long ranges than intended, but now fall-off has been added.

A few other fixes have been implemented, worst of all being that spraying the attacker spawn door on Numbani during setup no longer results in enormous sprays.

The full patch notes may be found here.

OWL Rosterpocalypse Continues


The Seoul Dynasty have let go of two players this week, transferring them to other teams. On Monday they announced that flex player xepheR would be going to the Florida Mayhem, and on Thursday they said KuKi would be going to the LA Valiant.

Also this week, the upcoming Toronto team picked up Bishop, former Head Coach for the London Spitfire, Washington DC picked up NYXL coach WizardHyeong and NYXL tank player Janus, and Atlanta snagged up sephy, former coach for the Shock and coach/owner for Selfless Gaming.

The last two weeks have seen a large number of roster changes for the Overwatch League. If you want to keep up on every player move since August, be sure to follow our post here.

World Cup Continues


Last weekend, the LA Qualifiers took place at the Blizzard Arena. Both the US and Canada took the top two spots for their trip to BlizzCon in November. For many the stage seemed to favor these teams heavily, but Brazil showed the world that they have what it takes to play in the big leagues. As Team Brazil DPS player said, “We’re probably not the best in the world…but we’re here to give the best in the world a run for their money.”

Right now the Thailand Qualifier is underway between Australia, China, Denmark, Thailand, Sweden, and Spain and you can catch it on Overwatch’s main Twitch account.

During the first day in both LA and Thailand, that region’s Contenders Season 2 Grand Final took place. In LA the North American matchup was between Fusion University and XL2, with FU winning 4-0. Over in Thailand, the Pacific fight pit the undefeated Japanese team Cyclops Athlete Gaming against Talon Esports, and Talon walked away with a 4-2 victory.

Kaplan went on another posting spree.


Overwatch Game Director occasionally goes on a forum post rampage, and this week he commented on a number of smaller things.

  • A Developer Update was recorded and should go up next week.

  • Some changes are coming to Pharah soon and will possibly be on the PTR next week. Before the pitchforks come out, there has been absolutely no hint as to what the changes could mean for Mercy’s other half. Buffs? Nerfs? Reworks? No idea.

  • He reiterated that boosting or throwing is against the rules, and the matchmaker figures out pretty quickly when someone who plays normally has a higher skill level. He also said that boosting doesn’t need to be reported as they have some “pretty significant analysis” to determine when it’s occuring.

  • The Blizzard team is brainstorming solutions to transfer skins earned on console to PC when they’re on the same account.

Notable News

  • The BlizzCon Virtual Ticket is available right now. With it not only do you get access to all the panels and such from BlizzCon, but you can also get an exclusive (for now) Demon Hunter Sombra skin. Items for other Blizzard properties are coming soon, but as of this writing have not yet been announced. Click these details for more information on the Virtual Ticket. If you want the skin but you’re not going to BlizzCon and you don’t want to pay for the Virtual Ticket, the skin will be available at some point for everyone in 2019.

  • Wrestler and WWE executive Triple H presented the London Spitfire with an honorary WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt. The stylized belt has the Spitfire logo on the side plates. The WWE started this tradition a while back, giving winning teams of major sporting events a belt, including soccer and the NHL.