Season 11 brought with it some of the largest changes we’ve seen to competitive Overwatch in a long time. The first was the introduction of Symmetra’s rework and Wrecking Ball into competitive play, and the other was the “Support” patch that brought most of the healers closer to parity with each other.

Two names in the above list have a big asterisk next to them, Symmetra and Wrecking Ball. Symmetra was actually removed from Season 10 about a week before the season ended to give players time to adjust to her latest rework. She didn’t return until about a week into the new season where her pick rate peaked at about 1.12%, and she quickly returned to where she was about before the rework. Is she not being used to her maximum potential, or is she, for the most part, still a niche pick?

symmetra.pngSymmetra’s use for the past three months.

Wrecking Ball is the other odd one because he joined the fray a few days into August, not even seeing an entire month in ranked. That didn’t stop players from trying him out, perhaps inspired by watching others try him out in Contenders. Still, he is the least used tank out there for now, but we’re beginning to see him replace Winston or D.Va in some compositions due to his mobility and disruption, so there’s definitely potential for him to find his place.

The most dramatic change this season was in the Support category, where we saw all of the supports being used more with the exception of one who I’ll touch on in just a moment. Ana is getting her day in the sun, something I’m pleased about as an Ana main myself, with an almost 5% increase in use and holder of the biggest gain this season. Her only change in this patch turned out to be huge, healing the target of her Nano Boost for 300HP when it’s administered. Personally, I find myself using it much more as a clutch heal than anything these days because I can get my ultimate in about every other team fight.


On the other end of the spectrum, Mercy fell by over 7%! Don’t let that number scare you into thinking she’s dead though, as this drop actually brings her closer to the other healing heroes instead of completely overshadowing them.

While most other supports received a small buff, Mercy received a small nerf that reduced how much healing output she has, changing it from 60 health per second to 50. Mercy players are right, it doesn’t feel good to see nerf after nerf after nerf to your favorite hero, but something needed to be done as she was still an almost guaranteed pick in every match. The reduction in healing power seems to have been the last major knob to turn to bring her in line with other supports, so unless something breaks, I don’t expect to see many changes for her in some time.

Season 11 will be remembered mostly for the Wrecking Ball and Support changes, but will it mean anything else for you? Come chat on Twitter or on our Discord! That or follow me on Twitter @Sabriality.