Earn a new skin as D.Va’s Nano Cola Challenge begins.


After Jeff Kaplan teased the possibility of a new, Nano Cola-themed skin last week during the Overwatch Fan Festival in Korea, this week we got to see what he was talking about. The D.Va Nano Cola Challenge rolled out this week, allowing players to earn a limited time skin where D.Va is sponsoring the brand and also has her sporting a ponytail.

In order to receive the new skin, all players have to do is win 9 games in either Quick Play, Arcade, or Competitive modes by Monday, September 10.

In addition to the skin, there are a number of D.Va-only sprays to earn from winning 3 games and watching between 2 and 8 hours of streaming from participating streams. After winning 6 games, players get an event player icon.

For a look at all the items and a full list of the streamers and when to watch them, check out this list.

On the first day of the participating streams, Seagull hit a personal record of over 100,000 viewers, and even had a visit from Jeff Kaplan himself to congratulate him.

Overwatch League All-Star Games end season 1 and were awesome!


A series of show matches and fun concluded the end of the Inaugural Season last weekend as the players and talent gave the season a send-off. On Saturday we saw players in Lucioball and Mystery Heroes matches, a Widowmaker tournament, and perhaps the most fun, the Talent Takedown.

After winning the Lucioball tournament, when interviewed, Poko said that he had never touched the game before that night. Mystery Heroes let us finally see the Symmetra and Torbjorn play on the big screen, and the Widowmaker tournament ended with Surefour defeating Carpe.

The Talent Takedown was where most the hype was at thanks to a few weeks of friendly ribbing and banter online. That rivalry extended into the night itself when the players taunted each other after every match, and even had one of the observers reporting Monte for sandbagging (note: I initially thought it was Monte reporting himself so the tweet is incorrect). A rematch of this series took place midweek, and Soe had this awesome 5k Self-Destruct!

On Sunday the actual All-Star Games began and often the players more or less treated it as Mystery Heroes as well, when we saw very off-meta picks such as Torbjorn and Symmetra come out again, and lots of Wrecking Ball. The Atlantic Division ended up winning this series 4-1.

Notable News

  • Season 11 ended earlier this week and Season 12 begins in just a few hours after this posting.

  • The LA Gladiators are holding tryouts for the Gladiators and their Academy team, Legion. All you need is to have had a peak SR of 4300+ to potentially earn a tryout spot.

  • The latest PTR patch notes added notes that were missing from last week’s notes, such as wireframes for friendly allies, a fix for Widowmaker’s momentum on some areas, and added some other bug fixes.

  • WizardHeong, coach for NYXL, has left the team in what NYXL says is is a mutual decision.

  • The Boston Uprising let go of Kalios, Avast, and Snow.

  • The Seoul Dynasty picked up KDG and former Spitfire interim head coach Changgoon, and Gambler is leaving the team to take up streaming for parent company Gen.G Esports.

  • The British Hurricane release coach Shifty and move Crusade to the bench, allowing for him to potentially transfer to other teams.

  • The Fall Collection of Overwatch gear is out!

  • In Belgium, Blizzard removed the ability to purchase loot boxes from Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm to be in compliance with the law there.

This Week on Overbuff

  • Miko took a look at the Season 11 competitive meta, where Ana ended it sitting high.