D.Va is a ‘Super Star’!


During the Overwatch Fan Festival in Korea this week, coinciding with GamesCom, we got to see D.Va star in “Shooting Star,” the latest animated short. The short film gives us more insight into the character, making her more than just the pro, 1337 gamer ace pilot, but shows us that she is also a young woman who carries the weight of the world on her shoulders.

Response to the video has been mixed, with most criticism being that it didn’t hit as hard to some as “The Last Bastion” or “Honor and Glory,” but for many, such as those who are often in the spotlight, are women, or both, it hit a different note.

During a panel after the film was shown, we learned that D.Va’s mech has a name, Tokki, her childhood friend in the video is named Dae-Hyun, and she helps protect Busan, or maybe all of Korea, from gwishin Omnics. Jeff Kaplan even hinted that we may see a skin for D.Va from Nano Cola (green coloring), an asset that was created for the video but removed from the final version.

PTR has the new Busan map and includes changes for Reinhardt and his squire.


Along with the new D.Va animated short, we got our first glimpse at the new Control map, Busan. This new map is separated into three areas, the Sanctuary which is an homage to traditional Korea, Downtown which gives us a glimpse “current day” Busan in the Overwatch world, and the MEKA base seen in “Super Star”.

Players have had the most fun exploring the Downtown map as it has a bullet train that speeds by and can kill players hit by it, and it also has a PC bang and noraebang, both that actually work, and the MEKA Base has a small barrier that goes up and down around the objective every 12 seconds.

With the PTR we also received changes to Reinhardt and Brigitte. Reinhardt’s Earthshatter has received its most extensive set of changes yet, and the developers feel they’ve fixed many of its problems, such as how it responds to barriers and the payload. Brigitte received a slight nerf, but it feels a bit more “right,” in that she will now fall backwards if she uses Shield Bash on a Charging Reinhardt or punching Doomfist, similar to what happens when two Reinhardts Charge each other.

All-Star Games this weekend.


The much-touted All-Star event takes place this Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon (US times)! The matches pit the Atlantic and Pacific divisions against each other in a number of show matches on Saturday, including Widowmaker 1v1s, a 6v6 Mystery Heroes game, and Lucioball Showdown, and Sunday has the actual All-Star Game.

Saturday afternoon also has one of the most exciting match-ups, the Talent Takedown, that features most of the broadcast talent in a 6v6 faceoff. For the past two weeks, the Twitter accounts of the competitors have been filled with memes, flames, and other harsh but hilarious banter. TheGameHaus has a great collection of all the trash talk. Even the OWL production team is getting in on it.

As an added treat for this match, Custa and Bischu will be casting, and Agilities and Mickie will be on the desk.

Check OverwatchLeague.com for times in your region.

Notable News

  • South Korea and Finland won the first World Cup qualifier in Incheon, Korea. The next takes place in two weeks in Los Angeles, California.

  • Fissure has left the LA Gladiators to join the Seoul Dynasty, saying he passed up many offers from other teams because he’s wanted to play for Seoul for a long time.

  • The San Francisco Shock have released Nomy, dHaK, and iddqd, wishing them good luck in their future endeavors.

  • Team Canada coach Jayne called out a Wrecking Ball bug that he feels could affect the World Cup Meta. His Pile Driver ability is supposed to do less damage to enemies the further away they are from the center, but instead, all enemies take the same amount of damage as the person closest to the middle.

  • OWL and Twitter signed a deal that begins this weekend where Twitter will share highlights and clips, and also stream Watchpoint on the Overwatch League Twitter account.