The Summer Games have returned!


Lucioball is back for its third year in a row, along with the second season of its competitive mode and a bunch of hero changes.

No changes were made to the Lucioball event this year, disappointing many fans who were hoping for changes to speed up the game, make adjustments to the ball’s weight, or even a version of the game where Wrecking Ball replaced the ball. Still, the event has its charm as is and many people love it. Plus, you can finish your placements for competitive points!

Many heroes, mostly in the support category, received balance changes this week. In short, Brigitte and Mercy received small nerfs, and Ana, Moira, and Lucio each received small buffs. Zarya received a nerf and a buff as her Graviton Surge affects a slightly smaller area, but her energy loss is slightly slowed.

The new event also brought with it some amazing new legendary skins such as Cabana Ana, D.Va’s Waveracer, Reinhardt’s Gridironhardt, Roadhog’s Lacrosse, Winston’s Catcher, and Zenyatta’s Fastball. A few heroes also gained skins for their countries of origin’s colors, and Moira and Orisa each gained new Highlight Intros.

You can check out the full patch notes right here.

Fan-favorite Seagull retires from professional Overwatch.


This week Dallas Fuel player Brandon “Seagull” Larned, announced his retirement from pro Overwatch.

Seagull joined Team Envy back in 2017 and helped them to win Contenders Season 1 that year, and when the team was turned into the Dallas Fuel, played DPS and off-tank roles. The Fuel had a rough go for most of the first OWL season, but they did reach the Stage 4 playoffs, losing to NYXL 2-3. If ever there was an underdog team to root for, they were the ones.

Larned says he intends to focus on his streaming and build his community.

All-Star Games News Roundup


The schedule for the All-Star Games was revealed with some fun play modes on Saturday, followed up on Sunday by an actual 5-game match between the Pacific and Atlantic Division.

On Saturday we’ll see games involving Lucioball, Mystery Heroes, a Widowmaker 1v1 match with four players in each division’s squad, a Talent Takedown where teams of casters and analysts will be drafted beforehand, and lastly Lockout Elimination. All of Saturday’s matches will be best-of-three, except the Widowmaker duel, and the Talent Takedown will go to a Lucioball game if a tiebreaker is needed.

Overwatch League Season 1 MVP Profit, will be replacing Birdring in the Atlantic reserve roster, who is stepping down due to injury. Seagull, who was on the starting roster for the Pacific Division, has not been replaced yet as of this writing.

Lastly, between August 17 and 27, players will be able to purchase special All-Star Tracer and Genji skins for 300 OWL Tokens each.

Notable News

  • A LEGO Overwatch site appeared, and LEGO fan site Brick Fanatics says they have reason to believe it’s for a new TV show.

  • Lead Writer Michael Chu said that Torbjorn has different arm attachments.

  • Wrecking Ball joined competitive play this week.

  • Overwatch Contenders got their own Home and Away skins, making broadcasts much easier to follow.

  • Watch Matilda Smedius’ Hero Story. Ms. Smedius is Brigitte’s voice actor.