While Fortnite may not have too much in common with Overwatch, both games share a surprising amount of audience and thus we wanted to share with you our newest sister site, Fortbuff!

Fortbuff is brought to you by the heroes who made both Overbuff and Dotabuff, and provides users with daily match data including Victory Royales, average kills, and other useful data to help make you a more informed player.


You can see you daily and weekly trends as well to see if your performance is improving naturally or determine if you have to step up your game to be the king or queen of the mountain (the mountain being the bodies of 99 other players).

Alongside that, we have a new live section exclusive to Fortbuff which shows active streamers and their real-time stats on our page along with leaderboards to show how close your favorite players and streamers are to be the coveted number one position.


There’s also the locker which allows you to see up-to-date Item Shop outfits and items as well as every cosmetic in the game and their respective prices.

Team-based objectives and payloads are great, but there’s nothing wrong with jumping into a chaotic 100-man murder island from time to time hunting down every opponent in your path for the chance to be the lone survivor!

Not only all that, and we can’t talk about them just yet, but some of the things we learned from making the Fortbuff site may find themselves on Overbuff in the future.

Whether you’re reaching for Top 500 in Overwatch or another Victory Royale in Fortnite, we want you to have the insights you need to be a better player.