New profile feature – Endorsements!


Ever since the new Endorsement system rolled out for Overwatch, we’ve been looking into how we can make the endorsement level a feature on profiles. While we work on ways to make the information useful for you, we’ve added it onto profiles so you can see your level outside of the game. Mouseover or click it to see the exact rundown on your endorsement percentages.

Remember to set your profile to public to be able to see it! Are comp stats not updating for you, even after you set your profile to public? Play one or two more sessions of competitive mode, close the game, and then check your profile. You should then be good to go!

Toxicity drops in Overwatch.


Jeff Kaplan outlined in a forum post saying that he talked to the Global Insights team at Blizzard, and with some number crunching, discovered that reports of abusive chat have dropped due to the new LFG and Endorsement systems. Only information from the Americas and Korea were available when they talked, but for Competitive matches, abusive chat is down 26.4% in the Americas, and 16.4% in Korea. Overall, the daily reports of abusive chat are down 28.8% in the Americas, and 21.6% in Korea.

Previously Kaplan said that more improvements for LFG were coming, but this post was the first time we heard anything about what some may be. In short, after a future update, LFG filters will be saved when a player logs out so that they don’t have to keep setting them every time they launch the game. There will definitely be more, but this is a good start!

Overwatch community raises $12.7 million in charity drive.


Back in May, Blizzard held their first Overwatch charity drive that allowed players to buy a Pink Mercy skin, and other in-game items, if they made a specific purchase or watched Blizzard-sponsored streams over the span of the drive. All proceeds would be going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

This week it was reported that, between sales of the Mercy skin and t-shirt, players raised $12.7 million (USD), and an additional $130,000 was raised through the sponsored streams. The donation is the largest single-year donation to the charity in its 25-year history. Awesome!

Blizzard artist stream talks hero inspiration; reveals legendary hamster skins.


In a two-hour livestream with Blizzard artists Arnold Tsang and Ben Zhang, the two talked about Wrecking Ball, the inspirations behind the hero, and how concept art for heroes works. The entire stream was a lot of fun to watch, and they gave some great insights, so be sure to watch. The two also answered a few questions, with answers saying Hammond prefers to be known as Wrecking Ball after his time in Junkertown, and both he and Winston are friends.

By the end of the stream we got to see the first of the legendary skins for the hero, one based on Horizon Lunar Colony, his home before he escaped along with Winston. If you can’t get onto the PTR, you can see all of the skins, voice lines, victory poses, highlight intros, and some of the sprays in this thread on our Twitter account.

Noteworthy News

  • JJoNak of NYXL was named the first Overwatch League MVP after a vote by viewers, staff, and media.

  • The LA Gladiators had a 5000IQ play against the London Spitfire on Wednesday. Other teams such as GC Busan Wave and Toronto Esports tried the same thing and quickly discovered that they weren’t the only ones to watch the playoffs.

  • NuSymmetra joined competitive mode this week, allowing players to know the fear that an enemy is always right behind them.