A holiday week here in the United States meant that it was a slower news week, but here are summaries of the few things that did happen.

PTR Update


A patch rolled out for the PTR that made additional changes to Sombra and Wrecking Ball that modify those that were made last week.

Sombra’s EMP will now disable Hammond’s Minefield mines, she may only be detected by enemies from 2 meters away instead of 4, her Translocator can be destroyed without needing to look at it, and her Hack ability will now cancel her own reload.

Wrecking had a few changes, but only one was put into the patch notes. The speed he gets from using the Grappling Claw has been slightly reduced from 22 meters per second to 20 meters per second, and now pressing Space Bar will no longer unlatch his grapple.

World Cup Rosters Revealed


This week most teams announced their rosters, including the US, Canada, Russia, South Korea, France, Australia the Netherlands, Austria, Italy Finland, Switzerland, Poland Brazil, Japan and China.

Those following closely notice that half of South Korea’s roster is made up of NYXL players, the #1 team in the Overwatch League right now, and the rest of their line-up consists of players in other top, playoff teams.

New Season Stats Reminder

The new season brings with it private profiles and new SR scores! Remember to set your profiles to Public before you close the game, or you won’t be able to see your updated stats on Overbuff.

The season change can also mean that it takes 2-3 sessions for competitive stats to kick in, especially for players who are returning after a long break. Once you’ve finished your placements, if they still aren’t showing, play at least one more session of competitive mode, close Overwatch and check again.

Notable News

  • Someone noticed that Hanzo has a “new” voiceline on the PTR. In case you were actually missing Skill Scatter Arrow, you will be able to purchase, “Simple Geometry.”

  • Team Envy signed a Contenders team (and already won their first match).

  • Unrelated to Overwatch, the creative minds behind both DOTABUFF and Overbuff have released Fortbuff, a stats site for Fortnite! Check it out today to compare yourselves to other Fortnite players.

Coming up on Overbuff

  • Miko will be taking a look at the OWL Season 1 meta across the stages and what may be in store at the Grand Finals.