We have a new hero and they came in like a… okay, it’s overdone by now. After a few weeks of very vague teasers, hero 28 has been revealed to be Wrecking Ball! Wrecking Ball is the name of the mech that hamster Hammond created after escaping Horizon Lunar Colony with Winston (Winston was unaware).

Hammond landed in Australia and took part in Junkertown’s various competitions, but Jeff Kaplan said in the Developer Update that no one knew Wrecking Ball was being controlled by a hamster. Besides, as Jeff put it, “Hammond cannot speak English, as we all know that would be ridiculous.”

Wrecking Ball is a tank character who is basically a literal wrecking ball when not in the walking mech form. While on his legs he can shoot enemies with his machine guns, or activate his personal shield that gets stronger the more enemies he’s near. Hammond’s bread and butter though is that while in ball form, he can extend a grappling hook to surfaces that allows him to swing and either knock enemies around or reach ridiculous places around the map. While in the air as a ball, he can slam the ground, doing massive damage.

Players have already found a bunch of bugs or “interesting” things to do with the new hero. One player found a place to get stuck, others have found ways to leap behind a few places, or just serve as a trailer to the payload.

Wondering how to stop Hammond from spinning around endlessly on the point? Play Mei. If you’re looking for some ridiculous ways to use the Grappling Hook, check out this video.

PTR brings with it changes for other heroes


Not only did the PTR bring along a new hero, but it also included changes for a few other heroes.

The amount of damage falloff, or how some heroes do less damage from long ranges, was reduced for Bastion, McCree, and Soldier: 76 by 20%. What this means is that from very far distances, these heroes do about 2-4 more damage than they were before. For example, at max range, McCree previously did about 21 damage and now he’ll do about 23. It’s a small change, but useful.

Mei’s Icicle attack, her alternate fire, no longer has any damage falloff at all, meaning sniper Mei players are even more deadly.

Hanzo’s new ability, Storm Arrows, only lasts 5 seconds now instead of 6, and its cooldown has been increased from 8 seconds to 10.

Lastly, Sombra received a major change to her existing kit. Instead of her Stealth ability having a limited timer, it is unlimited. Because of this change, she may now dismiss her Translocator whenever she wants by looking at its general direction and hitting the Interact key.

New patch brings Symmetra and The Moon’s rework, along with endorsements and profile changes.


The long-awaited Symmetra rework patch finally hit the live servers!

We’ve talked about Symmetra’s changes before, but in short she can now place teleporters around to allow her team more manueverability and escapability. She may also throw her turrets around and use her new ultimate, which creates a map-wide barrier.

Horizon Lunar Colony was also redesigned, keeping the same basic structure, but adding ramps, walkways, and walls to make it more competitive. One of the biggest changes is that the defender spawn at Point B is further away, making it so defenders simply walk behind the point and heal up.

The new Endorsement system allows players to give props to others for Good Sportsmanship, Good Teamwork, and Shotcalling. Intended to encourage everyone to be just a little bit of a better person, so far it seems to be working, at least from anecdotal experience.

Lastly, in-game profiles have been set to private by default. This means that if you don’t set your profile to Public, at least before you log off, you won’t be able to update your stats on our site! If you’d like to continue doing so, we made a super quick guide to help out.

Notable News

  • World Cup tickets for the group stages went on sale.

  • Read an article about data being the future of esports where our co-founder @lawliepop was interviewed.

  • Season 10 of Overwatch ended on Wednesday, and the new one begins this Saturday at 7pm US Central, or 00:00 UTC Sunday.