OWL Stage 4 champions crowned.


This past Sunday the finals for the last stage of the Overwatch League took place. After the Valiant defeated the Gladiators in the final Battle for LA of the season, and after the New York Excelsior bested the Dallas Fuel, the Valiant and Excelsior faced off. In four games, the Valiant seemed to easily stomp NYXL to become the Stage 4 champions.

Next up for the Overwatch League are the grand finals in New York at the end of July. Here NYXL, Valiant, Boston Uprising, LA Gladiators, London Spitfire, and the Philadelphia Fusion will fight to become the top team of the season. The winning team will take home $1 million.

On Tuesday night, the official Overwatch League show, Watchpoint, held a lottery to determine the maps that will appear in the finals.

  • Assault: Hanamura, Volskaya Industries

  • Escort: Dorado, Junkertown

  • Hybrid: Eichenwalde, King’s Row

  • Control: Lijiang Tower, Oasis

Teaser for something new in Overwatch hits the net.

On Thursday, Blizzard’s Twitter account teased out an image of a small alley saying, “Calm before the storm.”

rialtonow.pngImage courtesy Reddit

Fans have figured out that this picture was taken in an alleyway along a canal in Rialto, but on at least the live servers, this area has no posters or graffiti on the wall. In fact, it’s quite barren!

rialto live.jpgImage courtesy Reddit

Speculation is that this teaser is for the next hero, but as of this writing nothing can be confirmed just yet. It’s also rare that a location for such things is chosen at random, so it seems likely that Rialto has some importance to the reveal. In Overwatch’s current day, humans and omnics peacefully coexist in Venis, so to see such imagery that one normally sees in a place like King’s Row is curious. Is this an image from the past? Does it have to do with the missing simian from Horizon Lunar Colony? We’ll find out soon!

Official stats on Groups and Matchmaking provided.


With the new LFG tool coming in the next big patch, Scott Mercer, Principal Designer for Overwatch, dished out some interesting stats on grouping and matchmaking in Overwatch. Some of the details break misconceptions, and some give neat facts on the game. You really should read the entire post, but here are some of the highlights related to competitive play:

  • There is no bonus or penalty for grouping when it comes to SR gains and losses.

  • Only 16% of all games comprise of only solo players on both teams.

  • If you’re in a duo, 74% of your matches are against groups consisting of one duo and 4 solo players.

  • The matchmaker will not make a game if at least one of the teams does not have an estimated 40% chance to win.

  • Almost every combination of group size has a 50% win rate, but 6-stacks have 52.88%.

Again, check out the entire post, but above all, Mercer suggests playing with friends as it generally just makes the experience that much more fun.

Notable News

  • Sombra is getting some “significant changes” but there are no clues as to what that will entail. Will it be cleaning up her current abilities? Will it be a rework? Kaplan says the Sombra changes are expected to make the PTR in July.

  • Contenders Korea has a new venue, Sogang University. This new venue is closer to downtown Seoul, which should mean an easier time for fans to travel to.

  • A handful of World Cup jerseys from last year are currently 75% off on the Blizzard Store.

  • The All-Star starting rosters for the Overwatch League All-Star game has been announced. All-Star events will take place over the course of the weekend.