Double XP Weekend is here as Anniversary event nears completion.


The Double XP Weekend is back! Earn twice the experience between now and Monday for a chance to get all the loot boxes you can handle. Until Monday night at 11:59 pm Pacific US, (Tuesday morning 06:59 UTC), all experience gains will be doubled except the First Win of the Day bonus. For full details on the event, click here.

The last time there was a Double XP Weekend, it was during the last weekend of last year’s Anniversary event, so don’t wait around expecting another one soon. This year’s Anniversary event officially ends on Monday, but probably will last until Tuesday, so get those event loot boxes while you can!

Symmetra Rework on PTR


We’ve known it’s been coming for a while with various hints on the Blizzard boards, and that time has finally come: the Symmetra rework. The changes include:

  • Replacing her Teleporter/Shield Generator ultimate with a new version of Photon Barrier. This new barrier creates a 5000 HP wall that crosses the entire map! Much like other barriers, it allows just about anything through except physical projectices. Much like Mei’s wall, it can be turned sideways before placing it down.

  • The Teleporter becomes a normal ability that allows allies to jump between two locations in either directly, for as much as they can spam a button during its 10 second duration.

  • Instead of 6 Sentry Turrets, she now only has 3, but they can be thrown in any direction. They ignore gravity and the damage they cause is increased, and the speed reduction they inflict is higher.

  • Her main weapon, Photon Projector, no longer locks on to targets. It still gains more power the longer you can hit enemies, but it takes a little bit longer to build up, yet does more damage once it does. Hitting a barrier with it recharges ammo. The right-click for this gun now builds up quicker, but travels slower, and explodes on contact instead of continuing in a straight line.

The most talked about change out out of all these is her Teleporter as players are coming up with interesting or “interesting” uses for it. Jayne helps this Bastion in sentry form get behind an unsuspecting enemy, and Kolorblind helps her team do something similar on Volskaya. Something tells me the teleporter is going to get a much longer cooldown on its use.

Someone also discovered that you can throw her turrets on to Earth from The Moon.

Endorsement system added on PTR.


In an effort to increase positive community behavior, instead of only punishing the bad, Blizzard is testing out a new Endorsement system on the PTR. In an upcoming patch, all players will have a rating on their profile that shows how often fellow teammates have given them commendations on one of three categories: sportsmanship, good teammate, and shotcalling.

After every match, you’ll be able to endorse up to three players you either just played with, or against, to help show the community that they are typically good people to have on their team. For players on the enemy team, you may only give them the sportsmanship award.

The more endorsements you get, the higher your endorsement level gets. The scale is currently 1 to 5, with rewards planned for those who maintain a good score, though those rewards are still being worked on. If your account is actioned, or given some kind of suspension or disciplinary action, all progress is reset.

If you can’t see some of this in action on the PTR, check it out on our Twitter feed.

Even more PTR changes abound, including LFG. OMG!


It was a huge PTR patch this time around with other, smaller changes for a few heroes:

  • McCree’s Deadeye Ultimate’s range increased from 70 meters to 200 meters (though this does not seem to have made it to the PTR yet as of this writing).

  • Doomfist’s Meteor Strike ultimate’s is being increased from 150% to 200%, and the small shield he generates when hitting enemies with most abilities increases from 30 to 35.

  • The cost of Orisa’s Supercharger ultimate has been reduced by 15%.

A great number of changes were made to Horizon Lunar Colony, including a total revamp of the Defender spawn on Point B, as well as graphical improvements for Hydroponics Lab, and another way to get up top of the Point A platforms. A full list of all the moon base’s changes can be seen here, but we also have a few pictures that showcase most of the larger changes on Twitter.

A new Looking for Group feature is on the PTR for testing. It allows one to put out a call for others to play with, even allowing them to search for specific roles if desired. When searching for those of a specific role, such as support, when creating the group, the leader can even lock them out of non-support roles. While players are pleased with the LFG feature, the ability to lock out roles has left much to be desired for some as it means sometimes a needed role switch isn’t possible.

Lastly, profile privacy is becoming the standard in Overwatch. By default, all player profiles will be set to private, meaning that others cannot look at your profile inside of the game. The only thing they will be able see is your Endorsement rating. Players will still have the option of setting their profiles to public. Obviously profile privacy would affect sites like ours, and we’ll have more information for you after the patch goes live.

Notable News

  • World Cup tryouts have begun!

  • Sources continue to say the hope is to have actual Overwatch League home/away games for 2020.

  • The stats page on the official Overwatch League site is live! So far it only covers stage 4, but it’s great data nonetheless.