World Cup committees selected.


The three-member committees for each country participating in the World Cup were announced this week. One position, the General Manager, was selected by Blizzard, however the coaches and community leads were voted on by players in that country. Anyone from a country was eligible to run for positions, however coaches could only come from the top 150 players in that area. A few other restrictions applied, such as requiring that all nominees keep their profiles in good standing, something Denmark player Dafran found out when, after getting the most votes, failed to get the Community Lead position after having his account recently suspended.

Over the course of the next two months, player tryouts will take place, with Group Stages beginning in August.

Six new teams for OWL Season 2.


While it’s common knowledge that more teams are coming for season 2 of the Overwatch League, we still don’t know where they will call home. In an interview with a German newspaper, Activision Blizzard Esports CEO Pete Vlastelica said there will be six more teams next season, and that they’re looking at having two teams from the Americas, two from the Asia-Pacific region, one from Europe, and one from the Middle East. When it comes to Europe, a few cities are being looked at, but Berlin is getting the most focus.

Valiant team up with LGBTQ organization.


In an effort to ensure safety and inclusion for all who participate in sports, be they traditional or electronic, the Los Angeles Valiant have teamed up with the You Can Play organization, a group that promotes diversity in sports.

“For too long, the esports industry has been unfairly characterized as a toxic, unwelcoming environment,” said LA Valiant CEO Noah Whinston. “This assumption runs counter to the core values of the Los Angeles Valiant organization and our partnership with the You Can Play Project further cements our dedication to making the LA Valiant an inclusive community. The message is simple: no matter who you are, who you love, or what gender you identify as - if you can play, you can play.”

The Valiant players and staff will receive diversity and inclusion training, the players will film a PSA, and an iron-on pride patch is now on sale from the Valiant store. Fans will have two chances to get free Pride Patches: on Saturday, June 9 at the Blizzard Arena, and on Sunday, June 10 at the LA Valiant Pride Party.

Notable News

  • Inactivity timers for Deathmatch modes are being looked at as many players have reported that they are being kicked out of games just because they haven’t found someone.

  • The Shanghai Dragons have a new interpreter after the previous one left due to illness before Stage 4 began. Geguri says that they were making due with what they had during the interim.

  • Tickets for the Overwatch League grand finals, taking place on July 27 and 28, sold out. That’s over 20,000 seats!

  • X-6 Gaming fined one of its players, BQB, for supporting boosting, and having “unprofessional” conversations with fans. No word on what “unprofessional” means here, but his earnings, and earnings made by the team from his work, are being donated to help other pro players and fans.

This Week on Overbuff

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