S Tier (≥95% Usage Rate): No one!

Tier 1 (≥80% Usage Rate): Zenyatta (94.60%), Mercy (90.87%)

Tier 2 (≥50% Usage Rate): D.Va (85.11%), Widowmaker (77.00%), Winston (62.96%)

Tier 3 (≥20% Usage Rate): Brigitte (25.45%), Tracer (20.61%), Reinhardt (20.12%)

Tier 4 (≥5% Usage Rate): Junkrat (19.79%), Orisa (15.85%), Hanzo (14.12%), Zarya (14.12%), Pharah (13.77%), Genji (11.50%), McCree (6.06%), Lucio (5.98%), Roadhog (5.29%)

Tier 5 (<5% Usage Rate): Ana (2.88%), Moira (2.56%), Bastion (1.23%), Sombra (0.97%), Soldier: 76 (0.40%), Doomfist (0.35%), Reaper (0.18%), Symmetra (0.066%), Mei (0%), Torbjorn (0%)

“Experience tranquility.”

A short one this week due to various life commitments and the holiday, but even with this quick look, there are a few things of note in Week 2.

For the first time since Week 1 of Stage 3, Zenyatta is above Mercy in use. That isn’t saying much though, as for a few weeks now both have been within a few percentage points of each other.

Where last week teams chose a number of heroes to test the landscape of the new meta, this week they started to ease into their roles for the season. D.Va came back, increasing over 20% from the first week, sending Zarya back to the locker room, and Tracer took a step back in favor of Brigitte getting more playtime. With Brigitte around more, Tracer players don’t feel as safe these days.

Oh, and Symmetra had 15 seconds of playtime in Week 2, which is more than she’s had since I restarted this a few months ago combined! Surefour from the Gladiators used her to scout out the team composition the Outlaws were using. Here’s the clip!


  • Wednesday: Outlaws/Gladiators

  • Thursday: Spitfire/Shock

  • Friday: NYXL/Dynasty

  • Saturday: Fuel/Fusion

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Cover photo credit: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment