Overwatch Anniversary event returns next week.


Next week marks the second anniversary for Overwatch, and that means the return of the Anniversary event! Jeff Kaplan outlined the event in a video, but we’ve got the recap.

This year brings with it eight new legendary skins, including formal wear for a “certain dapper-looking gentleman,” as Jeff put it. While speculation is for Doomfist, my money is on Winston. Previews were shared with skins for Soldier: 76 and Tracer. The video introducing the event on social media also shows Pirate Junkrat.

A new mini competitive season was also announced, this time for Free For All (FFA) Deathmatch. Similar to Competitive Lucioball, Capture the Flag, and 6v6 Elimination, this event will be found in the arcade and awards competitive points at the end based on your rank.

These FFA deathmatches will take place on both Château Guillard and a new FFA map, Petra! The only things known about the map are that there is a mega health back in center of map in area that becomes increasingly dangerous as time goes on, whatever that may mean, and the map also has areas good for long range and short range heroes. As for the map’s theme, nothing is known but there is a real world location also named Petra that it may be the inspiration.

Tune in during halftime between both the Fusion/Mayhem match or the Valiant/Dragons match to see a preview of the map, and a special stop-motion feature.

Similar to the Archives event, Anniversary will have some changes as well, but not nearly as drastic. All items from past events will be available for purchase, and also have a chance to appear in Anniversary loot boxes, along with the guaranteed Anniversary items. Pricing for items from the past year will be at their event-level prices, such as 3000 credits for recent items.

Brawls from past events are also coming back, cycling through the arcade daily, so if you want to play Junkenstein’s Revenge or Lucioball again, you’ll have your chance!

Overwatch Anniversary returns on Tuesday, May 22!

Blizzard raises over $10 million for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation


Last week Blizzard released the Pink Mercy charity skin and t-shirt, and this week they reported that the drive has already raised over $10 million USD for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation!

Other rewards are available, including player icons and sprays, based on how much you are able to watch particular charity streams working in partnership with Blizzard. Check out the streamers championing for the cause here.

The skin, which also has a number of in-game effects, such as pink blaster fire and music that plays when certain abilities are used, is available in-game for $15 USD through May 21, which is only a few days away, so hurry if you’d like to get yours!

Notable News

  • Another free weekend begins next weekend!

  • Hanzo’s Storm Arrow damage is going to be reduced soon, from 80 damage to 70.

  • Symmetra’s rework is getting closer and closer. Currently on internal builds, she can throw her turrets and teleporter around, and the teleporter works in both directions.

  • Horizon Lunar Colony is getting a slight rework, including making changes to the defender spawn to prevent defenders from running to their spawn room for safety too easily.

  • The Dallas Fuel have picked up Aero from Fusion University as head coach, to take over for Kyky after he was let go.

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  • Miko takes a look back at the Stage 3 OWL meta and makes her predictions on Stage 4’s meta. Hint: she’s only half correct if the first two days are any indication.