Mercy gets a new skin to support breast cancer research.


A new skin, available only for a limited time, was released as part of a charity campaign for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF). The skin, titled Pink, gives Mercy a pink outfit in the style of a magical girl, pigtails, and modifies the effects of some of her abilities. Her blaster fire is pink, harp music plays when she uses Resurrect or her Valkyrie ultimate, and her Fortune highlight intro changes from gold to pink.

Additionally, for watching streamers who have teamed up with Blizzard for the drive, you can earn player icons and sprays. Check out this link for a list of streamers and their times.

A shirt with two different cuts is also available for pre-order.

The skin is $15 USD, 100% of proceeds for both it and the shirt go to the BCRF, and is only available until May 21. A discrepancy on the Sony store led many to believe that they were pocketing some of the proceeds, but they have since cleared that up and no, they are taking nothing from sales of the skin.

OWL Stage 4 causes a stir and it hasn’t even started yet


A number of OWL personalities have confirmed that the patch used in Stage 4 will include Brigitte, but will not include the recent patch that reduced the cone of her Shield Bash, along with a number of other hero changes such as Tracer’s Pulse Bomb nerf. This news has upset some in the community, even a few of the pros and talent, because even after the nerf, Brigitte is still seen as too strong.

A petition has been started, with over 8,000 signatures as of this writing.

Florida Mayhem analyst yeHHH said that Blizzard is in talks with the teams to get their opinion on the matter. Caster Montecristo said:

Not sure why the Overwatch community doesn’t understand this, but most big devs wait several weeks for patches to go live in an esports environment. This prevents bugs and balance issues from ruining professional matches. There is no world where OWL uses the live patch instantly.

Big weekend for Overwatch Contenders.


Finals for Contenders regions around the world will be held this weekend beginning on Saturday.


  • (Korea - finals) 02 Ardeont vs. X6-Gaming – 05:00 UTC (midnight Central US)

  • (EU - semifinals) British Hurricane vs. CIS Hope – 10:00 UTC (5:00 am Central US)

  • (EU - semifinals) Team Gigantti vs. Angry TItans – 12:30 UTC (7:30 am Central US)

  • (NA - semifinals) Toronto Esports vs. EnVision – 16:00 UTC (11:00 am Central US)

  • (NA - semifinals) Fusion University vs. Optic Gaming – 18:30 UTC (1:30 pm Central US)


  • (China - finals) Teams to be determined. – 09:00 UTC (4:00 am Central US)

  • (EU - finals) Teams to be determined. – 11:00 UTC (6:00 am Central US)

  • (NA - finals) Teams to be determined. – 14:30 UTC (9:30 am Central US)

  • (Atlantic Showdown) Show match between EU and NA champions. – Time to be determined.

For more information, and times for your part of the world, go to the Overwatch Contenders site.

Notable News

  • The Houston Outlaws finally announced that Kyky, formerly with the Dallas Fuel, has joined the team. This comes after weeks of rumors, speculation, seeing him in Outlaws content, and him even claiming so in his World Cup application.

  • The Overwatch League Grand Finals were revealed to be taking place in Brooklyn, New York on July 27 and 28. A post was also added to explain just how the playoffs will work.

  • Sources tell ESPN that new OWL franchises are going for $30-60 million USD, with the price depending on population of the region, and if there are multiple interested parties in the same area.

  • NYXL is looking for a house manager in LA. Here are the job’s responsibilities.

Fan Content of the Week

  • Jeff Kaplan helped a young woman ask her friend to her senior dance.