A new, Venice-themed map added to game.


Rialto, the setting for the Retribution event that ended this week, has been added to the game as an escort map! Where players previously explored the city under the cover of night as they tried to escape the forces of Talon, now players must move a payload from a gallery to Talon headquarters during the daytime.

There are a great number of places to hide and sneak around as a flanker or sniper, and players can even ride the gondolas around! If you get the chance, load up the map in a custom game and explore the city. There is so much life in the shops and alleyways, and the water fountains actually work! A little punch will get the water flowing.

Rialto is available in every mode except competitive, and right now can be found in the arcade to ensure everyone gets a chance to play on it.

The patch also brought a number of changes for other heroes:

  • Brigitte’s Shield Bash had its cone of attack reduced.

  • Genji’s Deflect hitbox was made smaller.

  • Hanzo’s Scatter Arrow was removed from the game and replaced with Storm Arrows. He also gained a Lunge ability that allows him to “hop” in a direction to chase someone down or run away.

  • Junkrat’s projectiles were made slightly smaller, and the speed of RIP-Tire was slightly reduced.

  • Lucio’s Wall Ride is less likely to be stopped on straight surfaces, can now go around corners, he can continue riding the same wall if he jumps and lands back on it, and his secondary fire (“boop!”) no longer consumes ammo and may be used while reloading.

  • Tracer’s Pulse Bomb damage was reduced from 400 to 300.

PTR brings changes for Ana and Brigitte


Most Ana players were excited to hear that changes for the healer were added to the PTR this week. Her rifle’s clip size has been increased, going from 10 to 14, her shots were changed so that they will pass through allies at full health, and now she can Nano Boost herself in Deathmatch modes.

The first change will allow her to participate in fights for longer, and the second should increase her chances at not being blocked by allies when trying to heal/kill targets at range and they walk in the way.

Brigitte’s power was reduced a bit more and her Rally ultimate now provides 100 armor for her allies instead of 150.

World Cup 2018 preparations are underway


The 24 teams for this year’s World Cup were announced, as was a call for applicants for team coaches and community leads. The teams were selected out of countries who had the highest average SR for Season 9 and may be found here, along with their groups.

All teams will have a General Manager, selected by Blizzard, and fan-voted coaches and community leads. Coaches will obviously coach, and community leads are the fan’s connection to their team, creating content and running social media. Head to the Overwatch World Cup site for more details and to apply.

Notable News

  • Competitive season 10 began on Monday and will last until the end of June. Added for this new season is the ability to play as Brigitte.

  • NYXL’s General Manager Scott “BEARHANDS” Tester and the team parted ways this week. No word was given as to why, but Tester helped create one of the most successful teams of season 1 of the Overwatch League. Speculation is that he may be moving to an existing team, or helping set up a new, unannounced team.

  • Stage 3 finals for the Overwatch League will begin Sunday. OWL analysts predict that the finals will be between NYXL and Boston Uprising.

  • Free Comic Book Day is on Saturday, May 5 and select stores will have a physical copy of the Zarya comic, “Searching”.

This Week on Overbuff

  • Miko showed the Stage 3, Week 4 Hero Tier information, along with some talk about why Winston and Zenyatta have slightly fallen recently.