S Tier (≥95% Usage Rate): No one!

Tier 1 (≥80% Usage Rate): D.Va (94.24%), Mercy (92.36%)

Tier 2 (≥50% Usage Rate): Zenyatta (76.52%), Winston (72.17%), Tracer (68.14%)

Tier 3 (≥20% Usage Rate): Widowmaker (42.22%), Junkrat (29.83%), Orisa (22.87%), Roadhog (21.54%), Genji (27.60%)

Tier 4 (≥5% Usage Rate): Lucio (9.39%), Moira (9.05%), McCree (8.76%), Soldier: 76 (7.32%), Sombra (7.12%), Pharah (6.15%)

Tier 5 (<5% Usage Rate): Reinhardt (3.61%), Bastion (3.07%), Zarya (2.15%), Hanzo (1.32%), Torbjorn (0.41%), Mei (0.38%), Doomfist (0.25%), Ana (0.20%), Reaper (0.03%), Symmetra (0%).

Tier Discussion

In gathering the data for the weekly reports, I can almost guarantee that whoever chooses D.Va or Winston at the start of the map is never going to switch off them. It’s often the same story for a team’s healers, as well. The tendency for them to stay on their starters means that for most matches, I only have to keep track of four players instead of twelve, and that Tiers S, 1, and 2 just don’t change that much. Whether that’s healthy or not for the state of Overwatch is another discussion, but it sure makes my job easier!

These other four players bounce around, filling whatever role is needed: Widowmaker, Junkrat, Genji, what have you. Even though I’ve been watching Overwatch esports from before launch, tracking it to this detail has taught me a thing or two about who does what, or who feels comfortable enough on a hero that is never in the meta. The swaps for a team’s DPS players, however, don’t typically account for the biggest changes in hero use since they swap so much.

The most change comes when one of the team’s tanks or healers swaps out. This week saw slight drops for Zenyatta (~8%) and Winston (~7%) compared to last week.

01.jpgPhoto credit: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

For Zenyatta, he loses the most time on Junkertown as teams currently favor a Mercy-only comp for both attacking and defending until either the attackers are stopped, or the defenders lose Point B. When it comes to Overtime, Zenyatta players are some of the first to switch, often taking up either Moira or Soldier: 76. The poor Omnic just doesn’t have the speed to get back to the objective quickly enough.

When it comes to Winston, he’s the first to be swapped when the situation calls for either a different tank style or if the team needs more DPS. The most common switch, and it showed in Week 4, is swapping to Orisa, whose use increased about 3%, making use of either her Protective Barrier or Halt to drop enemies into pits.

Random Facts of the Week

Roadhog had the largest increase in use this week, about a 5.5% increase, with Fuel, Mayhem, and Dragons respectively, giving him the most playtime in the sample.

The Dallas Fuel’s Mickie was holding the record for most time with Torbjorn this week at 3 seconds until Jake from the Houston Outlaws used him on Numbani, attacking Point B against the Los Angeles Gladiators. Just shy of two minutes, I think this is one record he’s going to hold onto for awhile.


The OWL Hero Tier and Meta reports use a sample of all League games played that week, with one a day and no overlapping teams.

  • Wednesday: Fuel/Mayhem

  • Thursday: Shock/NYXL

  • Friday: Gladiators/Outlaws

  • Saturday: Dragons/Fusion

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Cover photo credit: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment