S Tier (≥95% Usage Rate): Nobody!

Tier 1 (≥80% Usage Rate): D.Va (94.59%), Mercy (84.64%), Winston (80.68%), Zenyatta (80.55%)

Tier 2 (≥50% Usage Rate): Tracer (70%)

Tier 3 (≥20% Usage Rate): Widowmaker (34%), Junkrat (28%)

Tier 4 (≥5% Usage Rate): Genji (19.33%), Sombra (18.97%), Lucio (17%), Orisa (15%), Moira (13%), Roadhog (10%), McCree (8%), Pharah (7%)

Tier 5 (<5% Usage Rate): Reinhardt (4.80%), Zarya (2.41%), Soldier: 76 (2.17%), Doomfist (1.85%), Ana (1.81%), Reaper (1.77%), Bastion (1.32%), Mei (1.07%), Hanzo (0.09%), Torbjorn (0.004%), Symmetra (0%)

Tier Discussion

Back with a vengeance!

I’m back from PAX East and ready to get back to the Hero Tier and Meta Report. If you had the opportunity to come see site co-founder Lawliepop and me on the Women in Esports panel, thank you for coming!

I’m not the only one back. An angel, previously thought dead from being only the third-most picked comp hero, has returned with a vengeance. During the last week of Stage 2, Mercy had a use rate of about 53%. Last week that number skyrocketed to almost 85%! Mercy has returned for a meta sequel, but this time around though, I’m not so sure it’s a bad thing.

The last time Mercy was at the top, she was clearly broken. It was difficult to punish a Mercy for being out of position when she tried to use her abilities, especially Resurrection, meaning she could bring back literally any member of her team with a double Rez and undoing the damage an enemy team did. Now Mercy players need to be particular about who they bring back, and almost always it’s someone on the backline such as Widowmaker.


What’s different this time?

What caused an over 30% increase to her use? Nothing mechanically, that’s for sure. There were two bug fixes for Mercy between the Stage 2 and Stage 3 patches:

  • Fixed a bug that caused Mercy’s Regeneration to occur instantly if she took damage while at full health

  • Fixed a bug that caused Mercy’s wings to separate from her body if her Zhuque skin was equipped during her Toast victory pose

Neither of these were earth shattering bugs, so that can’t be it. So what is it? It’s a combination of a number of factors.

She’s always had high healing output, high maneuverability for dive comp, which is still extremely popular right now, and of course, her Resurrection ability. With all of these abilities, combined with Zenyatta’s range, Orbs of Discord, and Transcendence, the two together mean longer team fights and defensibility than Ana, Lucio, and Moira allow.

Another difference from Stage 2, Junkertown is back. Teams are starting to use a single healer defense for Point A, and who is the best option for that? Mercy. No other healer has the consistent output to be able to keep up with triple tank health pools that this hero line-up requires. The longer a team holds here, the more use time is taken away from other healers, which was the case here as a number of rounds hit, or almost hit, overtime before reaching Point A and resetting the clock.

All-in-all, Mercy is just a powerful healer that is favored heavily in this meta. I don’t think her return is anything to be worried about here. At one point Lucio’s Speed Boost was deemed powerful, and little has been done to change that since those days. Mercy will enjoy some time in the spotlight, but changes in the game will evolve to another hero becoming more favorable.

1.jpgPhoto credit: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Other Notes

Looking for me?

Sombra has seen an increase in use lately thanks to her amplified Hack ability, but also because players like the San Francisco Shock’s Architect played almost nothing except her during their game with the Valiant, even if it was a bit detrimental. Most other teams relegate her to Assault (2cp) and Control (koth) maps.

I have a feeling you’re not taking me seriously.

Don’t let D.Va’s dip down into Tier 1 fool you, this week she’s hovering that line between Tiers S and 1 because the Dynasty and Mayhem tried some D.Va-less comps on Oasis, instead favoring a triple tank setup of Reinhardt, Zarya, and Roadhog.

1 Second Club

This time it’s Torbjorn in the 1 second club when Carpe failed to switch to Widowmaker before the map began, unlike Neptuno who switched off Symmetra with plenty of time to spare.


The OWL Hero Tier and Meta reports use a sample of all League games played that week, with one a day and no overlapping teams.

  • Wednesday: Shock/Valiant

  • Thursday: Outlaws/Fusion

  • Friday: Dynasty/Gladiators

  • Saturday: Uprising/Mayhem

Until next time,

Sabriality (Miko)

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Cover photo credit: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment