Boston Uprising player’s contract terminated after discovering their sexual misconduct with a minor.


On Sunday, Inven reported that Boston Uprising player Jonathan “DreamKazper” Sanchez had been accused of inappropriate sexual interactions with an underage girl. DreamKazper, 21, approached the girl on Twitter and spoke with her for some time, becoming flirty, making sexual innuendos, and more. As time progressed, the girl started to feel uncomfortable with the situation and cut off contact.

Others have come forward saying they had similar experiences with DreamKazper.

The Overwatch League initially announced that DreamKazper had been suspended indefinitely pending investigation, and on Monday, both Uprising and the League announced that his contract had been terminated.

New patch brings new event, hero tweaks, and map changes.


Tuesday saw the return of the Overwatch Uprising event, now renamed Overwatch Archives. While Uprising is back, the new Retribution event is this year’s story that follows Reaper, Moira, Genji, and McCree as they attempted, and failed to, capture a man from Talon named Antonio who attacked an Overwatch facility. This fun PvE event follows our heroes as they escape the city after the mission goes horribly awry.

Also included in the patch is the new Avoid as Teammate option, which allows players to select up to two players a week to avoid being matched with on their team. At any time during that week, you may turn off the “Avoid” flag, and at the end of the week, you may reapply it. For more information, watch Jeff Kaplan’s Developer Update on the feature.

A number of heroes saw a few minor tweaks, such as a small nerf to D.Va and Zenyatta, small buffs to Mei and Reaper, and an update to Moira’s visual effects that improve playing with or against her.

Of course, a new event means lots of new skins and other items, such as Pajamei, Scion Hanzo, and this new puppy Victory Pose for Orisa that sometimes breaks.

Check out our previous Recall for a summary of the changes, or check out the official Blizzard patch notes.

New Overbuff Feature


We recently launched a new feature for profiles, the Activity Calendar! With this new chart, you can look back at how you’ve done in the past as far back as that profile has been active on Overbuff. You can also see which days of the week are where you’ve had the most success.

To find it, go to your Overbuff profile, and in the area under your name and player icon is the new Activity tab. Click it, and you’ll be brought to a calendar that goes back to the launch of our site. Checking performance is as easy as mousing over any dot to see how well you played that day. You may also filter it by Quick Play or Competitive modes, by hero, and even by competitive season!

This new tool is just one more way we help provide insights into your game performance. For more information, go to our blog post about the new feature.

Playoffs for Contenders regions begins soon.


Beginning on Sunday and continuing on Tuesday, playoffs for Contenders NA begins with:

  • Toronto Esports (Boston Uprising) vs. NRG Esports (San Francisco Shock)

  • EnVision vs. XL2 Academy (NYXL)

  • Fusion University (Philadelphia Fusion) vs. Mayhem Academy (Florida Mayhem)

  • Gladiators Legion (LA Gladiators) vs. OpTic Academy (Houston Outlaws)

Contenders EU playoffs begin next weekend. The Overwatch League site has more information on the playoffs, and you may watch them all here.