Have you ever wanted to see how your past record on a hero compares to how you’re doing now? Maybe you just want to see how matches have been going for you in your competitive play career. Today we’d like to introduce a new feature on Overbuff that users on our sister site, DOTABUFF, have had for some time, the Activity Calendar.


The Activity Calendar allows users to see a snapshot of their performance on past dates. This snapshot can help you to see if you’ve been improving or becoming worse at a hero, give you an idea on how you’re doing across all heroes, or if you actually did have a really bad losing streak and it’s not just in your head. To get started on checking out this data, click the new Activity tab under your BattleTag, PSID, or GamerTag.


Reading the chart is simple. Activity is displayed as a circle filled in for that day. Mouseover (or tap on mobile) any circle, and it will fill you in on that day’s performance. The larger the circle, the more you played that day. The brighter green the circle, the more success you had, and the brighter red, the more matches you lost that day.

While the default view combines Quick Play and Competitive data for all heroes, you have the option to filter the data to show only Quick Play data, only Competitive data, and also separate it out by hero role, individual heroes, and even by season. The screenshot below is the same data as above, but only showing uNKOE’s Zenyatta play.


At the very bottom of the Activity tab, you’ll also see an area that shows your win percentage for competitive mode on each day of the week. Maybe uNKOE shouldn’t play as much ranked on Sundays if he wants to keep his win rate high.


There are a few caveats with this new tool that users should be aware of:

  • Blizzard does not share past data at this time, so any data we have on past activity comes from when the user first started using our service with that username.

  • Name changes will cause data to restart and old data will be lost and currently we do not have a way to merge old and new profiles.

  • Blizzard does not report losses for Quick Play, so that data will always be green (positive).

All-in-all, the new Activity Calendar is just one more way we’re helping users see their data to give insights into how their Overwatch career is going. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, we’d love to hear them on Twitter, our Facebook page, or on our Discord server!