Avoid troublesome players with a new feature coming soon.


A new Developer Update came out this week that details the a new feature coming to Overwatch, an ability to avoid a player as a teammate.

This “Avoid as Teammate” option gives players the ability to avoid being placed on the same team as another player for 7 days, at which time the “mark” you placed on them will go away. You have the option to remove that mark at any time, and may re-add it after that week is up. Avoiding a player as a teammate does not prevent them from being on the enemy team.

The limit to this new ability will be that only a maximum of two players may be avoided at one time. In the video, Jeff states that they may adjust that number in the future, but this is how it will be at launch. He also added that those who find that they have been avoided by a large number of players will receive a notification about this.

No date has been given when this will be released, but it’s said they want to have it out before Season 10 begins.

Second player parts ways with the Overwatch League.


The Shanghai Dragons announced that they have parted ways with Undead, one of their DPS players, making him the second player to be dropped from the Overwatch League. Dallas Fuel tank xQc was the first. The Dragons also did not comment on why they released Undead, but recently went back home to China to take care of “personal issues,” without saying what they were. It has since come out that he had some relationship troubles, to put it mildly.

Hero changes come to PTR.


Hinted at last week, a new PTR patch has come out making changes for five heroes.

Mei and Reaper both received buffs. Mei’s main attack, Endothermic Blaster, now pierces through enemies, making her even more dangerous to enemies who are clumped up, as she can freeze them all at once. Reaper’s shotguns now reload automatically after using Death Blossom, his Wraith Form increases his speed from 25% to 50%, and he can cancel Wraith Form at any time instead of having to wait for it to finish.

D.Va and Zenyatta were slightly nerfed as well. D.Va’s Micro Missile attack’s splash damage was slightly reduced from 6 explosive damage, to 4. It’s a small change but she was getting just a tad too deadly it seems. As for Zenyatta, his alternate fire’s rate of fire has slightly been reduced so it will be less likely that he can snipe someone from far away with a charged up shot. The further away from Zen the target is, the more likely they can dodge some of the attack.

Moira isn’t being nerfed or buffed, but her visuals are being toned down so she is not such a distraction for both enemies and allies. The closer a player gets to a Moira, the more transparent her abilities are on their screen. You can still clearly tell what she’s casting, but they no longer block the camera’s line of sight, with Coalescence being the worst offender.

The update also includes a number of bug fixes, Blizzard World’s second point is moved back a few feet, some folks have noticed that Moira has a new “Resources Low” voice line, and McCree’s Summer Games skin has its own special voice lines now.

Uprising is returning!

Teasers for the next Overwatch event have started! Uprising is set to return on April 10 and will feature not only last year’s event where we played out Tracer’s first mission, but it seems like it’ll include something more. Uprising also seems to have been renamed to Archives, more on that shortly. In this teaser that looks very similar to last year’s, a few subtle, and not-so-subtle changes were made. The logo in the lower left is different, last year it was the Overwatch logo, but more importantly, for a split second, the yellow, CONFIDENTIAL, text is replaced with red, CLASSIFIED, text, and in that same moment “7 years ago” changes to “8 years ago,” file number changes from 0382 to 0274, and “Kings Row Uprising” is replaced with static. At other times in the video, the Blackwatch logo appears in the background.

teaser.PNGImage courtesy Overwatch Central

Last year’s trailer was re-released as well, but this time includes a teaser at the very end that says, “ACCESSING ARCHIVES FILE 0274…” All signs seem to point at a new mission this year, but it can’t be confirmed just yet.

Notable News

  • Sign-ups for the Overwatch Open Division Season 2 have begun!

  • Jeff Kaplan said that leaving a competitive match before the cards are posted at the end of the match doesn’t mean you get to your next match sooner because you aren’t entered into the matchmaking queue until your previous match resolved completely.

  • A small patch hit live servers this week that fixed odd behavior when turrets interacted with Barriers, allowed players to get to unintended locations using D.Va’s mechless form, and allowed Reaper players to get into unintended locations, such as one on Numbani that prevented attackers from capping the point.

  • Griffin, the man behind the Social Media for PlayOverwatch, is moving on from Blizzard and moving away. He has been a great member of the Overwatch community and a great acquaintance to talk with. His work with Blizzard will be missed.

  • Someone noticed that there is a secret banana picture on Winston’s Tesla Cannon.

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