Another Dallas Fuel tank suspended.


Min-seok “OGE” Son, a tank the Dallas Fuel, signed just over two weeks ago, has been suspended for 4 games. The action was taken against OGE due to his participation in account-boosting during the summer of 2017, and it wasn’t done previously because the boosting was only just discovered after it was leaked online earlier this week. With the suspension taking effect yesterday, he will be able to start playing on April 11, Week 2 of Stage 3.

OGE is the second player to be suspended for account boosting. Philadelphia Fusion player Su-min “SADO” Kim, was suspended for 30 games before the League even started. As to why his suspension is much longer, it’s because SADO ran a boosting business, not just partaking in boosting.

KyKy interview reveals some inner workings of the Fuel.

In an interview with Harry Baker, Dallas Fuel coach KyKy shared a lot of info on the team’s dynamics. When asked what he thought the Fuel could be doing better as a team, he said, “I think that the biggest mistake we made was, even before preseason, everyone started becoming pretty complacent. We won Contenders easily and I kept telling them that Overwatch League was not going to be this easy, because Contenders was too easy.”

KyKy also discusses the difficulties integrating Rascal to the team, recent, confusing rosters, and the soon-to-be released “thing,” no date given, that is said to answer a number of questions fans have had about the team and just what has been going on this season.

Brigitte released!


Brigitte was added to the live servers this past Tuesday, and the community has been discovering how best to use her, racing to play as her in Quick Play, and making shield walls in No Limits. Even Jeff Kaplan shared his first experiences with her once she went live, such as playing Deathmatch, winning with 7 kills vs. all Brigittes and one Hanzo, and the going to Quick Play to see others trying to play her as a main tank.

Be sure to watch her launch video, and full patch notes for her patch may be found here, which include Sombra’s Hack changes and a number of bug fixes.

Brigitte Q&A by Geoff Goodman on Community boards.


In honor of Brigitte’s release on Tuesday, Game Designer Geoff Goodman held a Q&A on Blizzard’s official boards.

In it, Geoff talked wanting to do something for Ana, who doesn’t have much of a place in the current meta, excitement over seeing how the community makes use of Brigitte’s kit, and new hero creation usually starts with “Make the hero fun to play,” followed by, “Make the hero fun to play against.” There’s also a fun post where he mentioned that at one point during development, Brigitte’s ultimate gave her a ton of armor, armor regen for everyone, a speed boost, made her shield metal and indestructible, and if using Shield Bash with that metal shield, you’d knock opponents down like Reinhardt’s Earthshatter.

He also mentioned that Reaper and Mei would soon be getting buffs on the PTR. The hope was to have them out this week, but as of this writing, that hasn’t occurred yet.

The Q&A was extensive, but you can read the full recap on our Twitter feed.

Three of the four new Dragons players are now in the US.


New Dragons players ADO, Fearless, and Geguri are all now in the US. ADO and Fearless have already played when the Dragons fought the Houston Outlaws on Wednesday, and Geguri will play in Stage 3. Sky and new coach RUI should be arriving soon.

After a rough match on Wednesday evening, ADO already took to social media to apologize for his play. At that point he had only been in the US for little more than a day, and if he’s already apologizing, it shows just how much weight the new Dragons players have on their shoulders.

Notable News

  • A t-shirt of Brigitte’s own shirt saying, “I like exercise because I love eating,” has been released on the Blizzard Gear Store. It comes in both mens and womens cuts.

  • The 40 million Bit goal for Tracer’s OWL skin on Twitch has been reached. If you’ve cheered at least 100 Bits, you can claim the new skin and it will be added to your game.

  • Overwatch Stage 2 finals will be this weekend. While the top spots are again held by the New York Excelsior and London Spitfire, competition for the third team is tight between the Philadelphia Fusion and Los Angeles Gladiators. The stream begins on Twitch at 3:00 pm Central Sunday (20:00 UTC).

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